Say your prayers/

For the naysayers/

And the haters/

Don’t forget your neighbors/

Who wish for your failures/

Oh you should get your mind off/

Now they say your minds lost/

Watching till your time exhausts/

So tell me how much a rewind costs/

So I can go back and tell y’all to get lost/

Oh you’re such a jerk now, such an asshole/

I’m deep into my work now, cash roll/

You used to be important in a past role/

Now you’re exhausted news, way past old/

You’ll always have a good hand and fold/

Me I’ll play the cards dealt and never hold/

Your Groundhog Day will ruin your soul/

Round and round till you waste your life away/

Guess we can’t all make these changes/

But don’t include me, I make statements/

I won’t include you, I made arrangements/

New world, New life, and I had to rearrange shit/

Just think of me as special operative or secret agent/

But it’s not a secret that these feelings are aging/

I got tired of being pushed around taken advantage of/

While everyone came up empty when I asked for love. 


You wanted my everything/

I don’t want anything/

You pulled my every string…

Pushed my every button/

Thought we had something/

It quickly became nothing…

From having it all to no/

From laughing with someone I don’t know/

I won’t ask from here where do we go/

It’s dying slow the character you were/

Nothing real only illusions that occurred/

Professional happiness saboteur/

No self love having miserable amateur/

Pasture filled with nothing but lonely roads/

Wandering disasters of an empty soul. 

Crash crash burn

You ask but don’t learn

Crash crash till you collapse

I guess it’s only right…

That I write about that last laugh. 

Empty eyes with nothing to hold
Words empty with nothing told
Actions paid for by actors sold 
Hooray you made fake last till it’s known 
Empty soul.. empty soul.. empty soul. 


Can’t ever feel defeated/ 

This light shines on the depleted/

We take it or we leave it/

It’s with outstanding meaning/

This is my perseverance/

The strength engulfed in my spirit/

Some hear it… And some fear it/

This energy I find myself filled with/

Gives life and breaths fire into my soul/

Resurrects the structure of my bones/

Till I’m like a hard to move object of stone/

Holding my own wherever I tend to roam/

They expect me to fall and crawl on my own/

Cave under the pressure and stay out of the zone/

But I’m ready for the unknown it’s what I prepared for/


It’s like I’ve been here before/

It’s nothing but the more or less/

It’s all I have been built for in the flesh/

Conquer it and move on to the next. 


Concrete jungle/

Filled with sirens and hustle/

Where they either hate or love you/

And this illusion is a reality for a few/

So I rise and shine for the ultimate grind/

My mind shines, I’m a one of a kind/

Can’t find a crack or a weakness/

Your enemies talk down when they speak this/

Your rivals walk around unsteady when they see this/

They can’t believe this…./

After barrages and sabotages keeping you from complicated accomplishments/

Your will defeated the odds and didn’t comply with their vileness/

Watch them view you with unwanted astonishment/

As you break past their broken promises/

Because nobody can promise this/

Standing tall like a champ on your Mount Olympus for all to witness/

No give up or give in for this victory/

You are now a part of their history. 


They tried to capitalize/

Wishing on my demise/

But I’ve seen the eyes/

Of those of have tried/

Pushing and pulling hate/

It’s how I made my great escape/

Some don’t understand my ways/

Reason why I keep to myself today/

Damaged souls trying to take a toll/

Trying to make me fold from my mold/

But I won’t be sold out I’m priceless/

Understand my love for the life I live/

How my days struggled to where my nights is/

How I corrected my wrongs with the righteous/

And gave me the courage to write this/

Staggering out of the dark to where the light is. 


So you’re soulmates/

Yea….That’s so great/

So we’re we… That’s no fate/

No faith… No taste… Wait… No wait/

Speeding things up and showed faith/

Hold up…time out… this is no race/

Screw things up now you won’t show face/

Holed up and heart held captive for no place/

No responsibility, it’s show you have no grace/

I hope they know how to go from being great to being replaced/

Free ride for love but your a heartbreak cheapskate/

Bad memories are worse when their a keep sake/

Arguments and name calling, now we need space/

But what I wished for couldn’t be erased/

Lesson learnt… And your the teachers name/

What’s love… Really what’s your love… You should be ashamed/

Soulmate. Sold faith. Soulmate. So great. Soulmate. Takes no blame. Soulmate. No remains. Soulmate. Oh wait. Soulmate. Two faced. Soulmate…Not to one but so many who don’t know until it’s too late.  



I remember the way we…

You don’t remember maybe…

Hey see… 

Maybe you’ll remember me…

When I’m pushing up daisies…

Call me crazy…

But why haven’t you called me lately…

Heard you’re calling me crazy…

Protagonist or me just being lazy…

We can take it back to the 80’s…

Saw you across the street the other day but got lost in my A-D-D…

Nah just kidding oh do-re-mi…

Where do I stand with you, 

Oh please do rate me…

With or without you I’m doing great see…

No problems, no sour grapes see…

And yea I’m still waiting on Jay Z…

Still writing, you’re still lying, I see…

It’s cold in here, maybe you’re soul is icy…

Where we taking this, entice me…

Whether you like or don’t like me…

Doesn’t change a damn thing likely…

Bite me. 


Love in touch then in sense
Quiver from heart rate tense
Slowly quickly falling harder
Nothing better evolved from
Hello hi bye to talk later
But good nights couldn’t be greater
Hard to stay arguments fights
Broken hearts want to take flight
Lost confused feeling used
Memories thoughts of us two
Erased placed hidden for others
Suffered pondered and always wondered…
How could it be love for another.


I used to date this chick called LOVE/But I haven’t seen LOVE in awhile/

See while I was away far in miles/

I heard things getting back to me from DENIAL/

Now DENIAL isn’t one to speak with TRUTH/

But TRUTH said DENIAL was chilling with TRUCE/

And TRUCE ain’t one to hold a GRUDGE/

But GRUDGE is as toxic when it came to LOVE/

Now it all gets back… the story of us/

And LOVE is talking about REVENGE/

Now REVENGE has been in and out of the PEN/

Because words kill and that’s known by SIN/

And SIN doesn’t speak much cause he hangs out with SECRETS/

And because of that he thought LOVE wouldn’t believe shit/

And beneath it all LOVE saw FORGIVENESS on the sneak tip/

And told LOVE a yo you gotta peep this/

See LOVE was on some deep shit so she had a sit down with EMOTIONS/

And EMOTIONS told her never to lose her focus/

Cause LIES and ANGER will always be two of the same and hopeless/

So then LOVE was introduced momentarily to HOPE and BLISS/

And they gave her the signs that shouldn’t have been dismissed/

You see LOVE missed me but she didn’t know who to believe/

She was caught up listening to HATE and all of his peeps/

RUMORS consumed her just like HATE had planned/

But that’s where LOVE fucked up because I’m a different kind of MAN/

And because I am I introduced her back to LOVE/

Because if she can’t LOVE herself enough there can’t be an us/

But BREAK UP and CHEAT didn’t understand all the fuss/

Cause they were trying to get in LOVEs ear on the bus/

You see they think you had to be stupid to roll with TRUST/

And TRUST overheard all this and had enough/

So I confiding in TRUST who knew all about LOVE and made me understand/

That I didn’t need all those other EMOTIONS to prove to LOVE that I was her MAN. 


Why does it feel like the room is spinning around/

Why is everything out of my control even when not allowed/

Cover my eyes and forget what the doubt is/

But the truth speaks the loudest…

So the downfall is that of the proudest/

I stood to think about this…

As the struggles mounted/

And to all my blessings that have been wrongfully counted/

Enemies that’ve been ousted/

That’s in the past and I’m more now’ish/

The wise hear the whispers clearly as if they were loudly sounded/

And my positives took those negatives and had them re-routed/

The scene clouded/

Beliefs and all about it/

Disappeared like fears with clear announcements/

I am here… I can no longer be taken down since/

I changed my mentalities outfit/

And put out what no longer now fits.