I’m the sensational underachiever 

The ultimate nonbelievers dreamer

The quiet one till screams are heard

Silence breeds death I’m cured with words

The ignorant only want the best product 

Survival guide for life and love uncovered

Eyes reveal truth in a world of blind wonders. 


Can you help feed my self esteem 

Ms. front cover girl of my dreams

And make me feel like I’m on the scene

Unblemished and just serene

Glow shine and quite pristine

Validated and ultimately redeemed

No excuses everybody wants me

Like those perfect bodies on the porno screen

Lets talk…I have no idea what you mean

Beautiful like the shallow reflection of the sea

I’ll just turn away and let it be

As long as they give me their jealousy in screams

Like the faces on these fancy movie screens

I wanna be perfection or as close as it seems

I want the world to know the name of my seams

I am a million dollar flaw disguised as flawless

Diamond shining but cubic zirconia price tagged and moral less

Give me get me need me believe me I’m spoiled rich

I want it now and I so insist

But nobody is here to listen and I’m feeling hopeless

Give me a compliment

Tell me I’m heading for prominence

Because I feed off empty promises

Oblivious to the most obvious

Do it now… 

Before I lose all this new found confidence.

Self Esteem. 


I never said I’d be the greatest/
But when you made me your latest/
I thought it was all us and thats where my fate lived/
But you fucked me up with your fakeness/
I was just a replacement after replacements/
Your brokenness was the downfall filled with your anger and hatred/
I hate this/
Let’s make it quick/
The done and over talk and the break up basics/
I hope I never have to see your face it’s/
Let’s face it… The facts are there and there is no way to erase it/
Just situations we’ve been placed in/
The bitterness can you taste it?/
What ever happened to us…
Can you ever explain this?/
The lies, betrayal and all this lame shit/
Oh you said you were different but all I got was the same shit/
The ugly truth is you’ll just fit in with the rest of the pretty faces/
Baby.. Baby… Baby… Don’t leave me now… But it’s been ages/
And we ain’t never been the same like we caught cases/
It’s the trials and tribulations/
And I’m just so exasperated/
And our love is past it’s due date it’s/
My new self esteem has you acting flagrant/
Cause I done had enough and lost all my patience/
Don’t babe it’s… Let’s talk and make it… Slow pace it/
Nah, I’m good, bags packed and Uhaul is waitin’/
Really got a brother thinking all you woman is fakin/
Call it the awakening/
New me… And this is the latest print.


Maybe I was living in the moment/
Baby… maybe I was just too focused/
Maybe it’s the heartbreak that wrote this/
Never felt this lowness from loneliness maybe I’m over this/
But maybe what I’m quoting would risk/
Me proving that I moved on and you would never know this or notice/
Illusions and confusion… It’s amusing what you could miss/
But my love was real… How could you dispute this/
How could you step on my heart so ruthless/
Take my words and mix them up… How did I confuse us/
For something real…
You left me ill…
I loved you still…
But you were so willing to lose us/
Take it back to the beginning and I wouldn’t choose us/
Just so these tears can be held back for someone real and that’s true enough/
I can’t say we been through enough/
You walked away without scars…
I’m sick of the part where I’m broken apart putting pieces back from my stolen heart thinking it wasn’t hard to pull down my guard but you had me fooled from the start/
If I was smart I’d walk away Scott clean/
Clear conscious just robbed of it’s dreams/
And they say love isn’t always what it seems…
And they say love isn’t always what we believe.


I never said I was perfect
But my worth more than worthless
Whether above or beneath this surface
Living life till I reach my purpose

Quite nervous, tense and anxious
Because I’m in a champions panic
Learning to win behind every moment of anguish
Class in session till my breath vanish

And it just so happens I’m built for the finish
Line ribbon cutting pivotal lines in my design
Nothing diminished I’m just trying to live it
And love it as long as the reciprocation is given

I could never mimic those oddities
I was born to succeed in my prophesies
Hypocrites shunned for mocking me
It’s the envy deep in them probably

But I gotta believe and see over their ultimatums
I know they hope I hate em
But my venom held deep for another verbatim
Besides my eyes seek the words to save em

But if I could place em back on the rack
Let facts be facts to the worst that I attract
My dignity and pride will ride fully intact
Even after I’m gone my life will resurrect and retract


I was wandering and wandering/
Life yet fulfilled yet I’m sponsoring/
Walking hard through what the drama bring/
My rebirth and I’m gonna let my promise sing/
Let the bells ring it could be a celebration/
Those that thought I was done did with hesitation/
Placed in my shoes and couldn’t see my situation/
And what I was facing/
But I’m a new creation physically and spiritually/
Unknown to the miracles that have been lifting me/
Realize though it’s the gift in me/
The light I shine is bright so infinite watts live in me/
They were giving me strength in their hating ways/
And I keep two feet grounded debating days/
Took their clouds and turned them into sun rays/
Now I look back on them unfazed/
I’m never one to say that forgiveness has no place/
Walked away and never lost face/
Kept it moving with humility and never lost pace/
Praying hard for those that are a lost case/
And I stay looking up so you know it’s all praise.


I didn’t love you just to say I loved you/
See It’s that past tense type of thinking that’ll haunt you/
Comparable to constant problems that are upon you/
Promises I didn’t comprehend till the dotted end/
It’s gotta end…
I lost a lot of pride and a lot of friends/
Whether it was plotted or you thought it obvious/
I could never see where your logic is/
Or logic was/
And no I’m not bitter anymore but I probably was/
The problem was/
We evolved from love/
But our love had dissolved from us each passing month/
And so I’m passing months walking amongst/
These feelings of distrust and disgust/
Though I’m asked to constantly discuss/
It’s like every passing day I couldn’t give a fuck/
I guess that’s my luck to give it my all and get stuck with the bill/
This heartbreak wasn’t me seeking my thrill/
Still being real isn’t enough for the flesh to feel/
Couldn’t drown out your sorrows with a pill/
Those demons that made you ill/
Took me and my dreams and threw them out the window sill/
Hoping things would change and we could build/
Turned to me running away from something I could no longer deal/
Didn’t jump till I was on my heels…
Just so you know I will never heal/
And on that note… Love life sealed.