Cutting across all of my losses 

Winning no matter what the cost is

Lost in daydreams that turned reality

The world stopped spinning off my gravity

Actually where my minds whirlwind begins

Is in between all of the good and the sins

Where my kin showed up more water than blood

Hard to believe there was more hate than love

Still I see the clouds above changing shape

Was it me or the dreams keeping me awake


It was 10 shades darker than the brightest love/

Seems we’ve been reaching for the lies in us/

Years go by and still I feel our time was rushed/

Lost souls that don’t know the loss like us/

Coming apart at the seams of broken dreams/

We could of had it all lost in hopeless needs/

But talk unravels where our focus should peak/

Was it love or lust between no trust and no beliefs/

I see the streets filled with strangers trying to seek/

A deeper connection of that perfection we speak/

I regret many and certainly turned over another leaf/

But it died in me this love I spent years trying to reach/

It came weeks too early after expecting a lifetime/

And so I type lines that remind my mind/

Of frequent times that point to my life line/

Heartbreak is never kind when I write of mine/

But heartbreaks denied are just overlooked signs. 



I’m the sensational underachiever 

The ultimate nonbelievers dreamer

The quiet one till screams are heard

Silence breeds death I’m cured with words

The ignorant only want the best product 

Survival guide for life and love uncovered

Eyes reveal truth in a world of blind wonders. 


This is state of the art/

The state of my art/

From the state of my heart/

Patronage of the art/

Straight from the heart…

I’m not paid for my art/

Just a place for this pain to be discard/

So they can’t say…

I didn’t make it this far/

From the words that’ve been taken apart/

For the souls taken at large/

They say you get what you give….

And that is labeled as charged/

They wonder If it was the pain…

That made you this hard/

Not realizing it was this fate that’s involved/ 

Faith that’s evolved/

They want to replace what you made great with their scars/

With no end in sight and can’t explain this part/

But I shine bright and remain in the stars. 


So you’re soulmates/

Yea….That’s so great/

So we’re we… That’s no fate/

No faith… No taste… Wait… No wait/

Speeding things up and showed faith/

Hold up…time out… this is no race/

Screw things up now you won’t show face/

Holed up and heart held captive for no place/

No responsibility, it’s show you have no grace/

I hope they know how to go from being great to being replaced/

Free ride for love but your a heartbreak cheapskate/

Bad memories are worse when their a keep sake/

Arguments and name calling, now we need space/

But what I wished for couldn’t be erased/

Lesson learnt… And your the teachers name/

What’s love… Really what’s your love… You should be ashamed/

Soulmate. Sold faith. Soulmate. So great. Soulmate. Takes no blame. Soulmate. No remains. Soulmate. Oh wait. Soulmate. Two faced. Soulmate…Not to one but so many who don’t know until it’s too late.  



There has to be a better way/Looking around corners for better days/

The stars don’t shine like they used to/

Constant thinking has my mind confused to/

Look… I’m just sitting here trying to put it all together/

Maybe my math is wrong when it comes to forever/

Infinity signs/

They live in my mind/

I see designs of hearts and world structures/

What’s love what’s life…

what the fuck bruh/

I can’t even take criticism well lately/

Wanna be alone even though these women wanna date me/

Soon they’ll hate me judging off my present/

But my past fucked up… It’s like a death sentence/

And if I keep writing then you might get mentioned/

I don’t need this tension and drinking ain’t the answer/

I use to be happy go lucky but this heartbreak is a cancer/

I’m a disaster and I can’t help it/

Trying to love myself again and I feel selfish/

And the world don’t help this/

And I ain’t trying to see no therapist/

I keep thinking there gotta be some better shit/

Got a gym membership and tried to work out my pain/

Running miles thinking about fame/

Since you said my name wasn’t worth shit/

Maybe I’ll get a gig and get my words spit/

My nerves get the best of me/

Fuck it… I gave you what was left in me/

Fuck it… I thought me and you was destiny… But we would never be/

I’m empty… I don’t trust like I use to/

My friends say she just used you/

Death around the corner… 

So where’s the news crew?/

It’s all about the who’s who/

I swore I knew but I was confused too/

This is that true blue under the weather poetry/

I’ll be better off tomorrow for you just knowing me/

And showing me/

There’s nothing wrong with being a lonely me/

And I know the sky will clear up/

And maybe I’ll cheer up/

Maybe I’ll forget all this nonsense/

In fact I’ve been really calm since/

And settled into my own place/

Found myself again got my own place/

But memories still live in my thoughts…

It’s a part of the heart that’s hard to erase. 


Here’s the story…Here’s the story…

Here’s the story…
Ladies and gentlemen…

Grab a seat and sit back to this/

Maybe some of it will comes off as irrelevant/

A story about man and women…

And it was supposed to be so heaven sent/

But somewhere along the line… 

It got jumbled like how the letters get/

Pay attention to sentences and don’t lose your place/

Please allow me to trace the timetable like stars that grace our Space/

Indent and space paragraphs that won’t soon be replaced/

See this young man fell in love with a sweet face/

But he ain’t/

Or wasn’t…as I should say/

Prepared for the about face and all the craze/

But there he stood trying to chase…


And that’s when disorder calls/

It’s more like the laws of physics/

See he was physically and spiritually attracted to this misses/

Put big diamonds on her ring finger/

No doubt in his mind lingered/

Skin tone ginger/

Eyes that could tranquilize your inners/

Not for the faint of heart or beginners/

She went from hold to as cold as a New York winter/

Fastest than a New York minute and his ego was injured/

See the man had to remove all the splinters from his heart/

Vowed it would never again happen… His soul turned hard/

It wasn’t hard to see he was easily scar’d/

But he was a man no less so he was in charge/

Of his emotional and mental state that were held at large/

Looking into the sky he would tell the stars/

If I prayed for one day to have a love so endless/

How could you send this/

The stars replied…

Cause to understand love you must endure a pain so senseless/

Wait… Excuse me… Let’s just pretend this/

Never happened… But the star was relentless/

Cause the man had to learn from this lesson/

And it was…
Love never hurts and when it does it was real….

But it takes two to make it feel and give it that real appeal…

So some come and go and they might steal…

A piece of your heart and it will reveal…

A part of yourself you never saw…

And that’s called the heartbreak law.


As the world keeps turning…And my mindscape keeps yearning/

This love that’s deep inside keeps burning/

I put my words into this universe/

My heart… my soul… my goals/

That’s a lot of weight to hold/

But I go forth never looking back/

The what if’s and all the could haves/

If it was meant to be it would have/

So I took the good and shook off the bad/

Walked away instead of looking bad/

No regrets see I took the hand…

That I was dealt/

Lived just for that heaven or hell/

No fears no tears no reason to dwell/

Lessons learned it ain’t hard to tell/

I write it out and it ain’t hard to spell/

I shed no cries for no more lies/

Backstabbers and those who hide/

Behind an ugly facade and disguise/

And despite those trying to bring me down/

I rose to the occasion and found…

Strength in the struggle/

They either hate or they love you/

Conclusions that I’ve come to/

I could have run to and stumbled/

But I stood back quiet and humble/

Now it’s rumble young man rumble/

Cause it’s hard in this every day jungle/

Cause love can pull your hearts strings…/

Nothing more complicated…

It’s a love thing. 


You’re so pretentious/

So damn aggressive/

You need some therapy…

Find out where your head is/

But damn that head is/

Yo… Let’s play a game of confession/

Broken hearts are part of the lesson/

But let it be the last time you question/

Don’t lie like I wasn’t the best shit/

That happened in your life…

Don’t try to kill off my ego’s progression/

Like not answering my text message/

Chick I know you got the message/

Why you all about the drama and tension/

Why can’t it all be simple…

Cause we can end this and end up on some friendship/

But you and I know there ain’t no friend shit/

Cause men lie women lie this pettiness is endless/

But we can pretend this/

Make amends if/

I was checking my social media and I wasn’t on your friends list/

You just wanna see me with clenched fist/

How did your appointment go at the dentist?/

See I cared enough to ask but your ass relentless/

Can’t finish my sentence/

Phone numbers changing man its senseless/

How many apologies do I have to mention?/

This is all a game to you…

Yea I get this/

Fuck it… Let’s just dead this/

Tired of these rejections/

Crushed dreams of weddings/

We let our fears create these very endings/

It’s just a relationship pending. 


Thank you for it allI couldn’t have saw it better

This laughter… All from my curiosity 

It’s all grand… I’ll never forget today 
Oh and you can’t see the clouds

What a beautiful world it is now 

And no I can’t see the clouds

But I wish we could disappear now

Oh I wish we could disappear now 
Let’s take a walk to nowhere

I hear the weather is just pleasant

Let us get lost and never look back 

I’m sure we have many things to say
Oh and you can’t see the clouds

What a beautiful world it is now 

And no I can’t see the clouds

But I wish we could disappear now

Oh I wish we could disappear now
I couldn’t help but be so sure

It never happened to me like this before

And right before the rain occurred

We agreed to stay

It’ll wash away our sins and leave us cured 
Oh and you can’t see the clouds

What a beautiful world it is now 

And no I can’t see the clouds

But I wish we could disappear now

Oh I wish we could disappear now
You’re going to get back what you deserve

You’re going to get back what you deserve

You’re going to get back what you deserve

You’re going to get back what you deserve