I’m the sensational underachiever 

The ultimate nonbelievers dreamer

The quiet one till screams are heard

Silence breeds death I’m cured with words

The ignorant only want the best product 

Survival guide for life and love uncovered

Eyes reveal truth in a world of blind wonders. 


This is state of the art/

The state of my art/

From the state of my heart/

Patronage of the art/

Straight from the heart…

I’m not paid for my art/

Just a place for this pain to be discard/

So they can’t say…

I didn’t make it this far/

From the words that’ve been taken apart/

For the souls taken at large/

They say you get what you give….

And that is labeled as charged/

They wonder If it was the pain…

That made you this hard/

Not realizing it was this fate that’s involved/ 

Faith that’s evolved/

They want to replace what you made great with their scars/

With no end in sight and can’t explain this part/

But I shine bright and remain in the stars. 


They tried to defeat me and write me off/

But learning lessons aren’t like a loss/

For every reaction there’s a cause/

For every action no doubt there’s a cost…

I survived through the dark and the noise/

My heart even when broken kept me poised/

Taking chances… 

Falling down and getting up only takes advances/

Me and the hard times are like those hate&love romances/

I don’t live for the questions… 

I only find the answers/

Knowing difficulties are around the corner and won’t vanish/

I’ve done taken damage/

Been taken advantage/

But my roar is savage/

My will is isn’t average/

Still some wonder how I manage/

My character describes what this man is/

Those open hands is… Bad biz/

I can’t part for those not in my faction/

Not even a fraction/

Steady eyes on the prize with no distractions/

Can’t give up till I make it happen/

Haters laughing and doubt with an evil passion/

Reason I keep a smile on my face and keep passing/

On my way to the top of that mountain of my revival/

It’s been a key to my survival/

To push through and fight their denial. 


Can’t ever feel defeated/ 

This light shines on the depleted/

We take it or we leave it/

It’s with outstanding meaning/

This is my perseverance/

The strength engulfed in my spirit/

Some hear it… And some fear it/

This energy I find myself filled with/

Gives life and breaths fire into my soul/

Resurrects the structure of my bones/

Till I’m like a hard to move object of stone/

Holding my own wherever I tend to roam/

They expect me to fall and crawl on my own/

Cave under the pressure and stay out of the zone/

But I’m ready for the unknown it’s what I prepared for/


It’s like I’ve been here before/

It’s nothing but the more or less/

It’s all I have been built for in the flesh/

Conquer it and move on to the next. 


Concrete jungle/

Filled with sirens and hustle/

Where they either hate or love you/

And this illusion is a reality for a few/

So I rise and shine for the ultimate grind/

My mind shines, I’m a one of a kind/

Can’t find a crack or a weakness/

Your enemies talk down when they speak this/

Your rivals walk around unsteady when they see this/

They can’t believe this…./

After barrages and sabotages keeping you from complicated accomplishments/

Your will defeated the odds and didn’t comply with their vileness/

Watch them view you with unwanted astonishment/

As you break past their broken promises/

Because nobody can promise this/

Standing tall like a champ on your Mount Olympus for all to witness/

No give up or give in for this victory/

You are now a part of their history. 


Have them captivated/

Coming from the bottom…

Some are agitated that I made it/


Patiently waited… 

For the chance to become the greatest/

That’s where my faith is/

Fate is/

Pace by pace with/

Finding solutions deep in the matrix/

Lost and faded/

The cost debated/

See I’m all or nothing….

Its nothing at all if I can’t make it/

My sweat and blood is kept sacred/

Standing in front of my biggest obstacles…

And I’m ready to face them/

The dreams are alive…

And I’m ready to chase them/

The doubters shout…

But I’m ready to replace them/

Opportunities abroad…

And I’m ready to take them/

Opportunities are large…

And I can’t seem to waste them/

Nothing bigger than my heart….

When victory is where my aim is. 


What does it take to get famous/

And no longer be nameless/

This attention is shameless/

These millionaires are brainless/

Wait… So tell me what your aim is?/

Thinking the same, but where are the changes?/

Business card exchanges/

The I’ll call you don’t call me stages/

Is it me or is this all outrageous/

Is it me or is this all done out of hatred/

Is it ego…

Maybe they should make it illegal…

To be that famous/

Are we turning pages?/

Or are we taking turns on social media pages/

Is it hard to be a star stuck in the matrix/

Can you tell me how it felt when you made it/

Nah…Maybe I just wanna stay home and never make it… Famous. 


How much does love really cost

The goodness of me that’s continuously lost?

Between the lies and illusions of thoughts

Is it normal that this pain is my source

Or is it overthinking and non conclusive

Attracting partners that have been abusive

Trading in the selfless for the selfish

Believing it was heaven but it was hellish

Isolated from the world I could tell this

Wasn’t what I needed

Blinded from the truth I couldn’t see it

Yearning for that love I could feel it

Given to me in increments before once again being defeated

I couldn’t leave it because I believed if

In my loneliness

Look, I know the risk

Of the self worth crumbling in hopelessness

The evil had me addicted till my high was over with

I couldn’t live and the reality is

I kicked the habit of it

False love that was action less

I had only learned a fraction of it

The heartbreak of being passionate

The toxic was as eye opening as it was hazardous

And when you realize just ask yourself this…

How much love really cost?


You let your fears

Come in between

These dreams and reality 

Our love destined to seem

Pulled at the seams

And unraveled out of need 

Sing a cruel destiny 

And these tragedies 

Got the best of me

And life hasn’t been

The same ever since

I wonder and keep thinking

Of all the simple things

Staying away and staying awake

With memories I’m trying to replace


Sing a cruel destiny 

And these tragedies 

Got the best of me

Erasing you from existence

Amnesia for just an instance

Wishing it could all disappear

But it was all so crystal clear

And it’s nothing to be celebrated

Betrayal of the heart is always ill fated 

And they call them…



Passing time of rewinded memories

Fast forwarding pain sent to me

Sun shaded by this dark past

Escaping clouds in a dark path 

Remind me again of a child’s smile

The world has been gone for awhile 
Rain drops kiss window panes 

Death of a soul

Like tears from a widows pain

Thoughts from far ago

That’s just as far as this pain will go

Death of a soul
Broken mirror images of past regret

Touching my arm as you ask again 

That forgiveness lost it’s meaning

Painful words that left scars bleeding

And your smile reminds me of your evil ways

The reality of my world that you pushed away
Rain drops kiss window panes 

Death of a soul

Like tears from a widows pain

Thoughts from far ago

That’s just as far as this pain will go

Death of a soul
Screams outside and crying inside

Can’t understand these dying tries

Looking around and nobody sees 

And everyone believes what they believe

If only your smile could set you free

The world was waiting for something you didn’t need 
Rain drops kiss window panes 

Death of a soul

Like tears from a widows pain

Thoughts from far ago

That’s just as far as this pain will go

Death of a soul