From words diluted

Mind clouded 

Guess I’m just better suited

In a world far away from here

Where nobody is near

And nobody is near

And nobody can hear

The difference between 

You, my reality and our fears
I am no regrets I am no worries

Just give me a sec I’m in no hurry

And I didn’t ask if I was worthy 

All I asked was that you wouldn’t hurt me

But you hurt me… you hurt me 

Yea you hurt me… Oh you hurt me

Pushed aside and hesitated

Always debated and lied to 

You were so unmindful 

And you had my mind fooled

And now I wanna hide from you

Tears fall when I’m reminded of you

But I’ll be fine I’m cool 

I’m glad I won’t waste anymore time on you
I am no regrets I am no worries

Just give me a sec I’m in no hurry

And I didn’t ask if I was worthy 

All I asked was that you wouldn’t hurt me

But you hurt me… you hurt me 

Yea you hurt me… Oh you hurt me

Tears and pain conflicted

No pity drawn in my image

Walking away a casualty of your sickness

Love torn battled this only witness

Blood scars and memories in vision

Barely alive… But I’m alive and kicking

Knowing there is nothing worth missing

For those pleas are no longer worth listening


You know you are so into you

And this world doesn’t exist

You are so selfish it’s true

I don’t even know why I persist

You don’t even need my fuel 

Yet you drain me of all this 

You swear you’re so cool

Compliments only when you insist

You know how to play the fool

But have a problem with my innocence

You can never ever be so cruel

Yet you leave me with this emptiness 

Its like your always in a constant duel

Till you find I’m at the end of this…

The you you it’s always gotta be you

What about the world I’m so confused

So mentally and physically abused

So ready to walk and unamused

Thinking you won I’m ready to lose

But you… Are you… Pardon the truth

But you don’t make it hard to choose

You make it obvious without the clue 

That it’s you you and always been you

I’m tired of giving and being left in recluse

This wasn’t the you…

That made the we I was hoping to choose

Now I see this is the you…

No way I can get back the time we lose…

Thank…. You. 


I see the power of money

Is worth more than the power of love 

So deep under our conscious 

Decisions as good as a Pontious Pilates 

So what’s the real meaning of all this violence 

If it means forfeiting for your silence

How can a positive be a minus

The signs lived with the dead before us

Life taking it’s courses

And we have to give up a portion of it

I was asked by another unfortunate 

What it is to be a walking abortion?

Giving in to and giving out no choices

Where’s the power of the voices


Call me what ever it is you want! 

But I am where the noises live

I am the forgotten property

Flowers on concreted monstrosities

Blood and tears on those bottom leaves


Now that’s a problem probably 

And wonder what troubles bother me

I rather kick it like Socrates

Then kick it in soccer tees 

Sober and something that somberly

To validate and acknowledge me

I’m the problem see

I gotta be

An anomaly

Until this dollar hits the lottery

And it vaunts me 

Upper echelon and lost in my ways

With money comes grace

Fame of having spare change

And they just love you…

till your lost in your grave.   


I see an endless 

Mirage of images 

My heart has been

Open for business

365 for that instance

We want it all in an instant 

When happiness calls 

We hang up on persistence

Blind to all within our vision

Hearing but hard to listen

Lost in our own mission

The map was all in our thinking

Assumptions that always visited

Accusations filled with bitterness

Deep in our minds we depict a mist

Looking for truth when it’s missed 

Souls lost in a fractured kiss

Hearts froze in that winter wind. 


35 years and I’m right here
Through the wrongs and the rights here
Through every single word that I write here
Through the darkness and what I might fear
Through the shine of my soul and the light here
Feelings expressed and though they might hear
Had a few backs turned thought they might care
Still believing in my dreams after a few nightmares
So I still put all my hope in my days and my nights there
Still talking to The Lord and I know that Christ’s here
Keeping me strong through the cries here
Keeping me where I belong away from the lies here
Circle getting smaller with people falling out of my sphere
But it’s 35 years and I’m right here and I’ll make it quite clear
No matter what happens good or bad I’m truly alive here.


I saw tears shed like rain drops on city concrete

Thousands of voices and arms raised up promptly

No victory in death so they walked like living zombies

In hopes for peace just like Martin Luther and Ghandi

Protest screamed the people though sadly unheard probably.