Say your prayers/

For the naysayers/

And the haters/

Don’t forget your neighbors/

Who wish for your failures/

Oh you should get your mind off/

Now they say your minds lost/

Watching till your time exhausts/

So tell me how much a rewind costs/

So I can go back and tell y’all to get lost/

Oh you’re such a jerk now, such an asshole/

I’m deep into my work now, cash roll/

You used to be important in a past role/

Now you’re exhausted news, way past old/

You’ll always have a good hand and fold/

Me I’ll play the cards dealt and never hold/

Your Groundhog Day will ruin your soul/

Round and round till you waste your life away/

Guess we can’t all make these changes/

But don’t include me, I make statements/

I won’t include you, I made arrangements/

New world, New life, and I had to rearrange shit/

Just think of me as special operative or secret agent/

But it’s not a secret that these feelings are aging/

I got tired of being pushed around taken advantage of/

While everyone came up empty when I asked for love. 


With the good comes the bad 
And they say time heals all wounds 
So even if you give all you have
Would it be love if you gave up so soon

Tears don’t run dry…
And rain doesn’t come from clear skies…
And pain doesn’t come from happiness…
If it wasn’t love, why would we be after this… After this… After this

Don’t chase what’s not meant to be
If the signs are there
But what other reasons were you sent to me
If I really didn’t care 
Tears don’t run dry…

And rain doesn’t come from clear skies…
And pain doesn’t come from happiness…
If it wasn’t love, why would we be after this… After this… After this

Hold me and never let go
And if I ever let go let me know
There’s reasons to stay above leaving 

After this.

After this.

After this.


There has to be a better way/Looking around corners for better days/

The stars don’t shine like they used to/

Constant thinking has my mind confused to/

Look… I’m just sitting here trying to put it all together/

Maybe my math is wrong when it comes to forever/

Infinity signs/

They live in my mind/

I see designs of hearts and world structures/

What’s love what’s life…

what the fuck bruh/

I can’t even take criticism well lately/

Wanna be alone even though these women wanna date me/

Soon they’ll hate me judging off my present/

But my past fucked up… It’s like a death sentence/

And if I keep writing then you might get mentioned/

I don’t need this tension and drinking ain’t the answer/

I use to be happy go lucky but this heartbreak is a cancer/

I’m a disaster and I can’t help it/

Trying to love myself again and I feel selfish/

And the world don’t help this/

And I ain’t trying to see no therapist/

I keep thinking there gotta be some better shit/

Got a gym membership and tried to work out my pain/

Running miles thinking about fame/

Since you said my name wasn’t worth shit/

Maybe I’ll get a gig and get my words spit/

My nerves get the best of me/

Fuck it… I gave you what was left in me/

Fuck it… I thought me and you was destiny… But we would never be/

I’m empty… I don’t trust like I use to/

My friends say she just used you/

Death around the corner… 

So where’s the news crew?/

It’s all about the who’s who/

I swore I knew but I was confused too/

This is that true blue under the weather poetry/

I’ll be better off tomorrow for you just knowing me/

And showing me/

There’s nothing wrong with being a lonely me/

And I know the sky will clear up/

And maybe I’ll cheer up/

Maybe I’ll forget all this nonsense/

In fact I’ve been really calm since/

And settled into my own place/

Found myself again got my own place/

But memories still live in my thoughts…

It’s a part of the heart that’s hard to erase. 


Here’s the story…Here’s the story…

Here’s the story…
Ladies and gentlemen…

Grab a seat and sit back to this/

Maybe some of it will comes off as irrelevant/

A story about man and women…

And it was supposed to be so heaven sent/

But somewhere along the line… 

It got jumbled like how the letters get/

Pay attention to sentences and don’t lose your place/

Please allow me to trace the timetable like stars that grace our Space/

Indent and space paragraphs that won’t soon be replaced/

See this young man fell in love with a sweet face/

But he ain’t/

Or wasn’t…as I should say/

Prepared for the about face and all the craze/

But there he stood trying to chase…


And that’s when disorder calls/

It’s more like the laws of physics/

See he was physically and spiritually attracted to this misses/

Put big diamonds on her ring finger/

No doubt in his mind lingered/

Skin tone ginger/

Eyes that could tranquilize your inners/

Not for the faint of heart or beginners/

She went from hold to as cold as a New York winter/

Fastest than a New York minute and his ego was injured/

See the man had to remove all the splinters from his heart/

Vowed it would never again happen… His soul turned hard/

It wasn’t hard to see he was easily scar’d/

But he was a man no less so he was in charge/

Of his emotional and mental state that were held at large/

Looking into the sky he would tell the stars/

If I prayed for one day to have a love so endless/

How could you send this/

The stars replied…

Cause to understand love you must endure a pain so senseless/

Wait… Excuse me… Let’s just pretend this/

Never happened… But the star was relentless/

Cause the man had to learn from this lesson/

And it was…
Love never hurts and when it does it was real….

But it takes two to make it feel and give it that real appeal…

So some come and go and they might steal…

A piece of your heart and it will reveal…

A part of yourself you never saw…

And that’s called the heartbreak law.


As the world keeps turning…And my mindscape keeps yearning/

This love that’s deep inside keeps burning/

I put my words into this universe/

My heart… my soul… my goals/

That’s a lot of weight to hold/

But I go forth never looking back/

The what if’s and all the could haves/

If it was meant to be it would have/

So I took the good and shook off the bad/

Walked away instead of looking bad/

No regrets see I took the hand…

That I was dealt/

Lived just for that heaven or hell/

No fears no tears no reason to dwell/

Lessons learned it ain’t hard to tell/

I write it out and it ain’t hard to spell/

I shed no cries for no more lies/

Backstabbers and those who hide/

Behind an ugly facade and disguise/

And despite those trying to bring me down/

I rose to the occasion and found…

Strength in the struggle/

They either hate or they love you/

Conclusions that I’ve come to/

I could have run to and stumbled/

But I stood back quiet and humble/

Now it’s rumble young man rumble/

Cause it’s hard in this every day jungle/

Cause love can pull your hearts strings…/

Nothing more complicated…

It’s a love thing. 


I’ve been thinking lately…Maybe too much/

The truth is lady…

I can feel the love through us/

I’ll be right back baby…

But please don’t excuse us/

Where did I leave off maybe…

With words that would suit us/

I know you just…

Don’t understand where I’m coming from/

If your past is what your running from/

I got that slow down for you it ain’t nothing hun/

I been numerous things too except a number 1/

Yea I hear you…

That’s another one/

But you see the sun…

It’ll rise again/

We’ll feel alive inside again/

And in time again/

Your heart will feel the vibe again/

So let me nurture you like a vitamin/

Show you a side of the brighter men/

I know some ego’s derive from sin/

And you seen the worst of minds from men/

But I’m far more deep and you comprehend/

On end… It’s a new beginning/

Like news that’s so uplifting/

Like that new song i’m singing/

It’s a fine tune… We’re fine tuned/

And I’m loving it so much… 

I’m about to hit that rewind soon/

Be mine soon/

Flood my mind like a monsoon/

And erase all that I’ve gone through/

Yea I know this world is hostile/

But if you got me… I got you/

And that’s love plus props due/

I’m trying to meet mom and pops dukes/

Take time and see if you wanna rock too/

I got a lot to prove… Just so you know/

We here now… But still got so far to go. 


I wanted to know you

Beyond reasons I could go

To understand the causes

Of time and these love loses

And so I came across us tonight

In a song that would last for life

We made memories in a melody

Memories that still tempt me

And I know you’ve been long gone

But you’ll always live in our song

Woke up and replayed it

A thousand times and I’ll fake it

Not having you to dance with

And it’s hard cause I know your past it

But I rewind it right to our part

It was so beautiful at our very start

We made memories in that melody

Memories that still tempt me

And I know you’ve been long gone

But you’ll always live in our song

I wonder if I’ll always be yours

When time passes and it’s called

And the radio station takes my request

And it plays to the beat in my chest

When our memories are all that’s left

Just remember we made them still

And just like that they’ll always be real

And…we… made

Music for a lifetime

And… If… you

Stay in my lifeline

Know that it’s forever trapped

In our song that will forever last


Why does it feel like the room is spinning around/

Why is everything out of my control even when not allowed/

Cover my eyes and forget what the doubt is/

But the truth speaks the loudest…

So the downfall is that of the proudest/

I stood to think about this…

As the struggles mounted/

And to all my blessings that have been wrongfully counted/

Enemies that’ve been ousted/

That’s in the past and I’m more now’ish/

The wise hear the whispers clearly as if they were loudly sounded/

And my positives took those negatives and had them re-routed/

The scene clouded/

Beliefs and all about it/

Disappeared like fears with clear announcements/

I am here… I can no longer be taken down since/

I changed my mentalities outfit/

And put out what no longer now fits. 


I guess all this time of 35 I’ve been blinded/Timely reminded of all my loses that left me hind sighted/

Haters should like this… Born agains should be behind this/

They say catch your epiphany or live forever timeless/

Caught up in a loss of words but I’ve never been that mindless/

See life is nothing but learning lessons/

Either you make change or make less efforts/

Some rise and some crumble from the pressures/

And my resolve is being measured by a few of the evil and clever/

I guess it’s a never ending story in the world today/

Sometimes my fear of conflict disrupts what I really wanna say/

Sometimes I’m near to contradict such of really living this way/

Maybe my so called perfection has already gone astray/

Or maybe I was never perfect…

And so my mistakes have been paid/

And if they would have stayed along with those who I’ve engaged/

I wonder if my life would even be the same/

But your either moving forward or trying to explain/

And everything happens for a reason but some reasons haven’t been redeemed/

And reality is some people are just as lost as me/

What’s the percentage of that win loss ratio and is it costly/

But chicks be bossy and dudes be saucy/

And being alone seems the only way to avoid these people trying to off me/

It’s all me…

And all I read now is actions you can keep your dictionary/

I see it all and call it like it is and that’s no game like pictionary/

I guess all that the world made me was a visionary/

And what I’m seeing in the world is really scaring me/

They used to say I was arrogant and more or less extravagant/

Passive aggressive bad temper but know how to manage it/

Good hearted, honest and trustworthy but they took advantage/

And so now my anger is my joy because they know now I won’t have it/

Appreciative and grateful if I have it because I know it can be a had it/

Listen to all because I know we all have our own madness/

And I understand that most of all we try to mask it/

But I always been the type that all you have to do is ask it/

Because I can only shine like my God if I come open handed/

But even I have limits and limits have certain tactics/

And I am certainly in control of a life that’s so frantic/

Surrounded by the ill minded and the manic/

Survivor of it all and walked out unscathed when it mattered…/

And that made me all that I am when my time comes and they ask if/

The sky above tells all tales and your truth/

That’s why I look up and smile through the pain and never confuse/

My journey has been filled with the win and lose/

Crossing different paths and got lost on a few/

But I found my way… And now my road is anew. 


We grew up only like a few miles apart/

But I took that deceit straight to the heart/

Where we start sometimes is where we end/

But then again I valued you as my friend/

How can you mend something completely dissociated/

I guess I didn’t know you… 

I didn’t know your hatred/

For all I loved and kept sacred/

Who’d a knew you was on some fake shit/

Had me thinking like Liam in Taken/

How do you forgive the unforsaken/

I guess true actions a leave you awakened/

Still got me shaken thinking about our past results/

But that’s in the past and that’s lost hopes/

Humans are simple until it’s pain left to cope/

You can either let it go…

Or let it all sink in and soak/

Friends ain’t always friends just so you know/

But if you people you people and you already know/

I’m stand up…

and most of y’all know the length to where I’m ready to go/

What’s love… Love is how much your willing to show/

It’s not a give and take…

But some are willing to try to take it all/

Phone number ain’t change… 

Guess apologies aren’t worth a call/

And after time goes by the worth drops to an all time low/

And this ain’t specific to one but more or less a few/

Exes… Brothers… Supposed day 1’s that you thought were crew/

Loyalty is extinct and honestly honesty isn’t worth the truth/

I rather a real hard loss than a fake sideways truce/

And for that… Many got the deuce/

I choose to be who I choose to be… 

So these fallen masks ain’t new to me/

True colors… I seen true brothers and true lovers become true suckers/

What’s life to you… Being fake? 

Just watch what you do to others/

Cause karma isn’t a close friend I wish on another/

But that’s another…/

I’m a still eat… And that’s all day supper/

I can’t believe those who wanna see me suffer/

For the love of no love and for the greed of numbers/

Rest in peace to those ego’s in great numbers/

I’m doing great and that’s in no way to throw it in the face of others/

But y’all prayed on my downfall and I rose up above and kept going/

Not that it matters but it’s worth knowing/

Question is…were you worth knowing.