I saw tears shed like rain drops on city concrete

Thousands of voices and arms raised up promptly

No victory in death so they walked like living zombies

In hopes for peace just like Martin Luther and Ghandi

Protest screamed the people though sadly unheard probably.


I couldn’t help but notice/

The news cameras and their stories of focus/

Wondering if this country has gone hopeless/

No prayers in our schools but God wouldn’t know this/

He doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts to revoke this/

And so we protest…/

Because our rights to be alive have turned grotesque and bogus/

At the hands of crooked politicians with their eyes on the most erroneous/

I guess we’ve become so focused on the selfish and the loneliest/

Please don’t quote this…/

Offensive and yet I know this but recognize my motives/

And see where my soul is/

And undertand what my sole goal is/

And why I wrote this/

Standing up for unity in America and Ferguson is where my hope lives.