You wanted my everything/

I don’t want anything/

You pulled my every string…

Pushed my every button/

Thought we had something/

It quickly became nothing…

From having it all to no/

From laughing with someone I don’t know/

I won’t ask from here where do we go/

It’s dying slow the character you were/

Nothing real only illusions that occurred/

Professional happiness saboteur/

No self love having miserable amateur/

Pasture filled with nothing but lonely roads/

Wandering disasters of an empty soul. 

Crash crash burn

You ask but don’t learn

Crash crash till you collapse

I guess it’s only right…

That I write about that last laugh. 

Empty eyes with nothing to hold
Words empty with nothing told
Actions paid for by actors sold 
Hooray you made fake last till it’s known 
Empty soul.. empty soul.. empty soul. 


So everybody’s perfect/

I guess now it’s all worth it/

Tell me how’s it working/

Oh child you’re still searching/

Heard you were asking/

Heard you were lacking/

Self love and emotional passion/

I’m aggressive yet passive/

Still stuck yet past this/

Absolutely changed…

Yea I bet you can’t imagine/

Turned so cold and savage/

I’m so cold, lost with no salvage/

Now all I care about is my outfits/

Only stick to what now fits/

And I change often get put out quick/

Yea, It’s quiet now, no more loudness/

Excluded you and all who doubt this/

No more keeping me down bitch/

I guess I might see you around bitch/

I don’t talk like this but my mouth switched/

Is it the pain that makes you sound selfish/

Or the experience of what your hell now is/

Maybe you’re confusing all this foulness/

Surrounded by adults acting so childish/

So far, it’s so hard, to walk away, these miles is/

Milestones as high as some mountains/

Turn back to my youth without fountains/

Put me in deep water and told me to now swim/

Gave me heartbreaks and told me to now think/

Gave me heartbreaks but I’m still alive…

Hearts pounding. 


So you’re soulmates/

Yea….That’s so great/

So we’re we… That’s no fate/

No faith… No taste… Wait… No wait/

Speeding things up and showed faith/

Hold up…time out… this is no race/

Screw things up now you won’t show face/

Holed up and heart held captive for no place/

No responsibility, it’s show you have no grace/

I hope they know how to go from being great to being replaced/

Free ride for love but your a heartbreak cheapskate/

Bad memories are worse when their a keep sake/

Arguments and name calling, now we need space/

But what I wished for couldn’t be erased/

Lesson learnt… And your the teachers name/

What’s love… Really what’s your love… You should be ashamed/

Soulmate. Sold faith. Soulmate. So great. Soulmate. Takes no blame. Soulmate. No remains. Soulmate. Oh wait. Soulmate. Two faced. Soulmate…Not to one but so many who don’t know until it’s too late.  



I remember the way we…

You don’t remember maybe…

Hey see… 

Maybe you’ll remember me…

When I’m pushing up daisies…

Call me crazy…

But why haven’t you called me lately…

Heard you’re calling me crazy…

Protagonist or me just being lazy…

We can take it back to the 80’s…

Saw you across the street the other day but got lost in my A-D-D…

Nah just kidding oh do-re-mi…

Where do I stand with you, 

Oh please do rate me…

With or without you I’m doing great see…

No problems, no sour grapes see…

And yea I’m still waiting on Jay Z…

Still writing, you’re still lying, I see…

It’s cold in here, maybe you’re soul is icy…

Where we taking this, entice me…

Whether you like or don’t like me…

Doesn’t change a damn thing likely…

Bite me. 


There has to be a better way/Looking around corners for better days/

The stars don’t shine like they used to/

Constant thinking has my mind confused to/

Look… I’m just sitting here trying to put it all together/

Maybe my math is wrong when it comes to forever/

Infinity signs/

They live in my mind/

I see designs of hearts and world structures/

What’s love what’s life…

what the fuck bruh/

I can’t even take criticism well lately/

Wanna be alone even though these women wanna date me/

Soon they’ll hate me judging off my present/

But my past fucked up… It’s like a death sentence/

And if I keep writing then you might get mentioned/

I don’t need this tension and drinking ain’t the answer/

I use to be happy go lucky but this heartbreak is a cancer/

I’m a disaster and I can’t help it/

Trying to love myself again and I feel selfish/

And the world don’t help this/

And I ain’t trying to see no therapist/

I keep thinking there gotta be some better shit/

Got a gym membership and tried to work out my pain/

Running miles thinking about fame/

Since you said my name wasn’t worth shit/

Maybe I’ll get a gig and get my words spit/

My nerves get the best of me/

Fuck it… I gave you what was left in me/

Fuck it… I thought me and you was destiny… But we would never be/

I’m empty… I don’t trust like I use to/

My friends say she just used you/

Death around the corner… 

So where’s the news crew?/

It’s all about the who’s who/

I swore I knew but I was confused too/

This is that true blue under the weather poetry/

I’ll be better off tomorrow for you just knowing me/

And showing me/

There’s nothing wrong with being a lonely me/

And I know the sky will clear up/

And maybe I’ll cheer up/

Maybe I’ll forget all this nonsense/

In fact I’ve been really calm since/

And settled into my own place/

Found myself again got my own place/

But memories still live in my thoughts…

It’s a part of the heart that’s hard to erase. 


You let your fears

Come in between

These dreams and reality 

Our love destined to seem

Pulled at the seams

And unraveled out of need 

Sing a cruel destiny 

And these tragedies 

Got the best of me

And life hasn’t been

The same ever since

I wonder and keep thinking

Of all the simple things

Staying away and staying awake

With memories I’m trying to replace


Sing a cruel destiny 

And these tragedies 

Got the best of me

Erasing you from existence

Amnesia for just an instance

Wishing it could all disappear

But it was all so crystal clear

And it’s nothing to be celebrated

Betrayal of the heart is always ill fated 

And they call them…



Could it be

Love long lasting

I knew of it once before

And here it is knocking at my door
She knows it’s us

Was in her past enough

Frequently passing the same places

Missing steps replacing these faces 
Two lives and two loves

Too much of a coincidence

That true love just wasn’t for us

Just wasn’t for us.. Wasn’t for us
Oh and it just wasn’t 

Meant to be and all for nothing 

Hearts drifting in all this confusion

Loud arguments that drown out music 
Can’t we just be upset 

Wake up tomorrow to no regret

No change of hearts in our decision

You couldn’t hear me or wouldn’t listen 
Two lives and two loves

Too much of a coincidence

That true love just wasn’t for us

Just wasn’t for us… Wasn’t for us
It just wasn’t for us

And It just wasn’t for us

And I’m ok now 

Knowing it wasn’t true love


Cold hearts 

Love has gone astray

Tempted to make a way

Out of a calendar that ran out of days

And this pain has nothing left to say

Crawling slow to that great escape

Where the truth can leave you afraid
Midnight hours

Midnight hours

Think of ours 

Late into the midnight hours
Empty eyes

That lifeless hope that you once was

Nobody seems to get the buzz

Nobody was there to witness us

The illusions of this so called love

I can still feel the lies in the rush 

Of my heartbeat lost in your mistrust
Midnight hours

Midnight hours

I think of ours 

Late into the midnight hours
Lost soul

I wonder if you’ll ever be found

Living a life filled with fears now 

I can still hear the deceit so loud

Ringing in my ears that evil sound

One by one where victims are allowed

Ticking clocks till they are all out…of
Midnight hours

Midnight hours

I think of ours 

Late into the midnight hours