Dedicated to the beauty of my past
Knowing in you my future will always last
Young one, I look deep into your eyes
And all I see is myself in disguise
I wonder if your cries are for me
Always beating under the same heartbeat
Your voice sparks up my inner being
I’m here no matter what you’re seeing
And at long last you should know
My heart is everywhere you and I go.


I dreamt of a place not so far in distance

Where colorful sodas and beer illuminated behind glass prisms

Chocolate bars, cigars, dice and playing cards lay far from vision

Behind the dusty price signs and short lines one could always listen

To the neighborhood stories and gossip without questioning intuition

Unlike the two dollars at hand and rough decisions for those children

Making sweet memories locked away forever in bodega prisons.


Dear Anthony and Peyton-

Ever since I first heard your heart beat/

The feelings of that love have been hard to repeat/

Now you two repeat after me… in this life we seek/

For love, honesty, wisdom, care and always empathy/

I wouldn’t be any good to you both if I couldn’t lead/

Or feed your minds with the right ways to see and speak/

To read between the lines and find all the words you keep/

It’s a cold world out here so please watch your steps in these streets/

And I hope to protect as long as I can before this Earth I leave/

Not physically there but I’m one half spirt in the air you breath/

One half your appearance of the mind, body and soul that was conceived/

One half of the stem up above the rest of them in the images of your family tree/

Questions I will always answer, but do what you may because your will is free/

You see mistakes are made, dues are paid, don’t be afraid and always believe/

For the greatest outcome even when life gets you down like fallen leaves/

Tears are shed, relationships end and along the way you’ll lose some friends/

But continue on your journey because life goes on till the very end/

My son your growing up far from me but I see your intelligence/

and baby girl your still too young but I know your little heart is strong against/

The cruel realties and as we maintain strong activity there’s no need to stress/

You two made me proud even before you took your first steps/

And I will always be here applauding your effort knowing you’re doing your best/

You see I didn’t have anyone in my corner and that’s what makes the difference/

So let’s laugh together, love and cry together…

And try together to live as long as if life’s forever like the words that I write in this letter.

I LOVE YOU both dearly… and my life is dedicated to you. -Love Dad