Have them captivated/

Coming from the bottom…

Some are agitated that I made it/


Patiently waited… 

For the chance to become the greatest/

That’s where my faith is/

Fate is/

Pace by pace with/

Finding solutions deep in the matrix/

Lost and faded/

The cost debated/

See I’m all or nothing….

Its nothing at all if I can’t make it/

My sweat and blood is kept sacred/

Standing in front of my biggest obstacles…

And I’m ready to face them/

The dreams are alive…

And I’m ready to chase them/

The doubters shout…

But I’m ready to replace them/

Opportunities abroad…

And I’m ready to take them/

Opportunities are large…

And I can’t seem to waste them/

Nothing bigger than my heart….

When victory is where my aim is. 

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