Here’s the story…Here’s the story…

Here’s the story…
Ladies and gentlemen…

Grab a seat and sit back to this/

Maybe some of it will comes off as irrelevant/

A story about man and women…

And it was supposed to be so heaven sent/

But somewhere along the line… 

It got jumbled like how the letters get/

Pay attention to sentences and don’t lose your place/

Please allow me to trace the timetable like stars that grace our Space/

Indent and space paragraphs that won’t soon be replaced/

See this young man fell in love with a sweet face/

But he ain’t/

Or wasn’t…as I should say/

Prepared for the about face and all the craze/

But there he stood trying to chase…


And that’s when disorder calls/

It’s more like the laws of physics/

See he was physically and spiritually attracted to this misses/

Put big diamonds on her ring finger/

No doubt in his mind lingered/

Skin tone ginger/

Eyes that could tranquilize your inners/

Not for the faint of heart or beginners/

She went from hold to as cold as a New York winter/

Fastest than a New York minute and his ego was injured/

See the man had to remove all the splinters from his heart/

Vowed it would never again happen… His soul turned hard/

It wasn’t hard to see he was easily scar’d/

But he was a man no less so he was in charge/

Of his emotional and mental state that were held at large/

Looking into the sky he would tell the stars/

If I prayed for one day to have a love so endless/

How could you send this/

The stars replied…

Cause to understand love you must endure a pain so senseless/

Wait… Excuse me… Let’s just pretend this/

Never happened… But the star was relentless/

Cause the man had to learn from this lesson/

And it was…
Love never hurts and when it does it was real….

But it takes two to make it feel and give it that real appeal…

So some come and go and they might steal…

A piece of your heart and it will reveal…

A part of yourself you never saw…

And that’s called the heartbreak law.


As the world keeps turning…And my mindscape keeps yearning/

This love that’s deep inside keeps burning/

I put my words into this universe/

My heart… my soul… my goals/

That’s a lot of weight to hold/

But I go forth never looking back/

The what if’s and all the could haves/

If it was meant to be it would have/

So I took the good and shook off the bad/

Walked away instead of looking bad/

No regrets see I took the hand…

That I was dealt/

Lived just for that heaven or hell/

No fears no tears no reason to dwell/

Lessons learned it ain’t hard to tell/

I write it out and it ain’t hard to spell/

I shed no cries for no more lies/

Backstabbers and those who hide/

Behind an ugly facade and disguise/

And despite those trying to bring me down/

I rose to the occasion and found…

Strength in the struggle/

They either hate or they love you/

Conclusions that I’ve come to/

I could have run to and stumbled/

But I stood back quiet and humble/

Now it’s rumble young man rumble/

Cause it’s hard in this every day jungle/

Cause love can pull your hearts strings…/

Nothing more complicated…

It’s a love thing. 


I’ve been thinking lately…Maybe too much/

The truth is lady…

I can feel the love through us/

I’ll be right back baby…

But please don’t excuse us/

Where did I leave off maybe…

With words that would suit us/

I know you just…

Don’t understand where I’m coming from/

If your past is what your running from/

I got that slow down for you it ain’t nothing hun/

I been numerous things too except a number 1/

Yea I hear you…

That’s another one/

But you see the sun…

It’ll rise again/

We’ll feel alive inside again/

And in time again/

Your heart will feel the vibe again/

So let me nurture you like a vitamin/

Show you a side of the brighter men/

I know some ego’s derive from sin/

And you seen the worst of minds from men/

But I’m far more deep and you comprehend/

On end… It’s a new beginning/

Like news that’s so uplifting/

Like that new song i’m singing/

It’s a fine tune… We’re fine tuned/

And I’m loving it so much… 

I’m about to hit that rewind soon/

Be mine soon/

Flood my mind like a monsoon/

And erase all that I’ve gone through/

Yea I know this world is hostile/

But if you got me… I got you/

And that’s love plus props due/

I’m trying to meet mom and pops dukes/

Take time and see if you wanna rock too/

I got a lot to prove… Just so you know/

We here now… But still got so far to go.