As the world keeps turning…And my mindscape keeps yearning/

This love that’s deep inside keeps burning/

I put my words into this universe/

My heart… my soul… my goals/

That’s a lot of weight to hold/

But I go forth never looking back/

The what if’s and all the could haves/

If it was meant to be it would have/

So I took the good and shook off the bad/

Walked away instead of looking bad/

No regrets see I took the hand…

That I was dealt/

Lived just for that heaven or hell/

No fears no tears no reason to dwell/

Lessons learned it ain’t hard to tell/

I write it out and it ain’t hard to spell/

I shed no cries for no more lies/

Backstabbers and those who hide/

Behind an ugly facade and disguise/

And despite those trying to bring me down/

I rose to the occasion and found…

Strength in the struggle/

They either hate or they love you/

Conclusions that I’ve come to/

I could have run to and stumbled/

But I stood back quiet and humble/

Now it’s rumble young man rumble/

Cause it’s hard in this every day jungle/

Cause love can pull your hearts strings…/

Nothing more complicated…

It’s a love thing. 


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