I’ve been thinking lately…Maybe too much/

The truth is lady…

I can feel the love through us/

I’ll be right back baby…

But please don’t excuse us/

Where did I leave off maybe…

With words that would suit us/

I know you just…

Don’t understand where I’m coming from/

If your past is what your running from/

I got that slow down for you it ain’t nothing hun/

I been numerous things too except a number 1/

Yea I hear you…

That’s another one/

But you see the sun…

It’ll rise again/

We’ll feel alive inside again/

And in time again/

Your heart will feel the vibe again/

So let me nurture you like a vitamin/

Show you a side of the brighter men/

I know some ego’s derive from sin/

And you seen the worst of minds from men/

But I’m far more deep and you comprehend/

On end… It’s a new beginning/

Like news that’s so uplifting/

Like that new song i’m singing/

It’s a fine tune… We’re fine tuned/

And I’m loving it so much… 

I’m about to hit that rewind soon/

Be mine soon/

Flood my mind like a monsoon/

And erase all that I’ve gone through/

Yea I know this world is hostile/

But if you got me… I got you/

And that’s love plus props due/

I’m trying to meet mom and pops dukes/

Take time and see if you wanna rock too/

I got a lot to prove… Just so you know/

We here now… But still got so far to go. 

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