You’re so pretentious/

So damn aggressive/

You need some therapy…

Find out where your head is/

But damn that head is/

Yo… Let’s play a game of confession/

Broken hearts are part of the lesson/

But let it be the last time you question/

Don’t lie like I wasn’t the best shit/

That happened in your life…

Don’t try to kill off my ego’s progression/

Like not answering my text message/

Chick I know you got the message/

Why you all about the drama and tension/

Why can’t it all be simple…

Cause we can end this and end up on some friendship/

But you and I know there ain’t no friend shit/

Cause men lie women lie this pettiness is endless/

But we can pretend this/

Make amends if/

I was checking my social media and I wasn’t on your friends list/

You just wanna see me with clenched fist/

How did your appointment go at the dentist?/

See I cared enough to ask but your ass relentless/

Can’t finish my sentence/

Phone numbers changing man its senseless/

How many apologies do I have to mention?/

This is all a game to you…

Yea I get this/

Fuck it… Let’s just dead this/

Tired of these rejections/

Crushed dreams of weddings/

We let our fears create these very endings/

It’s just a relationship pending. 

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