I used to date this chick called LOVE/But I haven’t seen LOVE in awhile/

See while I was away far in miles/

I heard things getting back to me from DENIAL/

Now DENIAL isn’t one to speak with TRUTH/

But TRUTH said DENIAL was chilling with TRUCE/

And TRUCE ain’t one to hold a GRUDGE/

But GRUDGE is as toxic when it came to LOVE/

Now it all gets back… the story of us/

And LOVE is talking about REVENGE/

Now REVENGE has been in and out of the PEN/

Because words kill and that’s known by SIN/

And SIN doesn’t speak much cause he hangs out with SECRETS/

And because of that he thought LOVE wouldn’t believe shit/

And beneath it all LOVE saw FORGIVENESS on the sneak tip/

And told LOVE a yo you gotta peep this/

See LOVE was on some deep shit so she had a sit down with EMOTIONS/

And EMOTIONS told her never to lose her focus/

Cause LIES and ANGER will always be two of the same and hopeless/

So then LOVE was introduced momentarily to HOPE and BLISS/

And they gave her the signs that shouldn’t have been dismissed/

You see LOVE missed me but she didn’t know who to believe/

She was caught up listening to HATE and all of his peeps/

RUMORS consumed her just like HATE had planned/

But that’s where LOVE fucked up because I’m a different kind of MAN/

And because I am I introduced her back to LOVE/

Because if she can’t LOVE herself enough there can’t be an us/

But BREAK UP and CHEAT didn’t understand all the fuss/

Cause they were trying to get in LOVEs ear on the bus/

You see they think you had to be stupid to roll with TRUST/

And TRUST overheard all this and had enough/

So I confiding in TRUST who knew all about LOVE and made me understand/

That I didn’t need all those other EMOTIONS to prove to LOVE that I was her MAN. 


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