How much does love really cost

The goodness of me that’s continuously lost?

Between the lies and illusions of thoughts

Is it normal that this pain is my source

Or is it overthinking and non conclusive

Attracting partners that have been abusive

Trading in the selfless for the selfish

Believing it was heaven but it was hellish

Isolated from the world I could tell this

Wasn’t what I needed

Blinded from the truth I couldn’t see it

Yearning for that love I could feel it

Given to me in increments before once again being defeated

I couldn’t leave it because I believed if

In my loneliness

Look, I know the risk

Of the self worth crumbling in hopelessness

The evil had me addicted till my high was over with

I couldn’t live and the reality is

I kicked the habit of it

False love that was action less

I had only learned a fraction of it

The heartbreak of being passionate

The toxic was as eye opening as it was hazardous

And when you realize just ask yourself this…

How much love really cost?

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