Why does it feel like the room is spinning around/

Why is everything out of my control even when not allowed/

Cover my eyes and forget what the doubt is/

But the truth speaks the loudest…

So the downfall is that of the proudest/

I stood to think about this…

As the struggles mounted/

And to all my blessings that have been wrongfully counted/

Enemies that’ve been ousted/

That’s in the past and I’m more now’ish/

The wise hear the whispers clearly as if they were loudly sounded/

And my positives took those negatives and had them re-routed/

The scene clouded/

Beliefs and all about it/

Disappeared like fears with clear announcements/

I am here… I can no longer be taken down since/

I changed my mentalities outfit/

And put out what no longer now fits. 

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