I guess all this time of 35 I’ve been blinded/Timely reminded of all my loses that left me hind sighted/

Haters should like this… Born agains should be behind this/

They say catch your epiphany or live forever timeless/

Caught up in a loss of words but I’ve never been that mindless/

See life is nothing but learning lessons/

Either you make change or make less efforts/

Some rise and some crumble from the pressures/

And my resolve is being measured by a few of the evil and clever/

I guess it’s a never ending story in the world today/

Sometimes my fear of conflict disrupts what I really wanna say/

Sometimes I’m near to contradict such of really living this way/

Maybe my so called perfection has already gone astray/

Or maybe I was never perfect…

And so my mistakes have been paid/

And if they would have stayed along with those who I’ve engaged/

I wonder if my life would even be the same/

But your either moving forward or trying to explain/

And everything happens for a reason but some reasons haven’t been redeemed/

And reality is some people are just as lost as me/

What’s the percentage of that win loss ratio and is it costly/

But chicks be bossy and dudes be saucy/

And being alone seems the only way to avoid these people trying to off me/

It’s all me…

And all I read now is actions you can keep your dictionary/

I see it all and call it like it is and that’s no game like pictionary/

I guess all that the world made me was a visionary/

And what I’m seeing in the world is really scaring me/

They used to say I was arrogant and more or less extravagant/

Passive aggressive bad temper but know how to manage it/

Good hearted, honest and trustworthy but they took advantage/

And so now my anger is my joy because they know now I won’t have it/

Appreciative and grateful if I have it because I know it can be a had it/

Listen to all because I know we all have our own madness/

And I understand that most of all we try to mask it/

But I always been the type that all you have to do is ask it/

Because I can only shine like my God if I come open handed/

But even I have limits and limits have certain tactics/

And I am certainly in control of a life that’s so frantic/

Surrounded by the ill minded and the manic/

Survivor of it all and walked out unscathed when it mattered…/

And that made me all that I am when my time comes and they ask if/

The sky above tells all tales and your truth/

That’s why I look up and smile through the pain and never confuse/

My journey has been filled with the win and lose/

Crossing different paths and got lost on a few/

But I found my way… And now my road is anew. 

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