I’ve had loved ones say it’s going to be ok/

Turn their backs on me…

so somehow I have learned my way/

Burned a trail of lies…

So what’s the truth in the words they say/

Like who’s going to be there on your worst of days/

Are your accomplishments worth their praise/

Who’ll be there when you fall and are somewhat afraid/

Who’ll stop to grab your arm like a champions raised/

Look around and ask yourself who’s down till the grave/

Forgiveness in their hearts with humility and grace/

Who understands perfection is an impossible place/

And finding those that are is an unreachable chase/

Who’s real who’s fake… 

Who’s a learning lesson waiting to be replaced/

Do their actions match the words coming out their face/

Friends out of convenience unproven till this date/

Understand theirs but do they see your pain/

Or maybe they don’t have to but who should explain/

People change and that’s evolution who can stay the same/

People change…

Some evil, what’s the solution for what’s on their brain/

How much is too much or should we stay in our lane/

Stand and watch from afar or jump on that train/

Stay quiet or be there time after time and again/

Do I have have to prove my loyalty for you to be my friend/

Do I have to shed blood and tears will you love me then/

Will you understand my deepness… Will you comprehend/

Or should I walk alone… For we all must meet this common end. 

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