What is really killing our hoods…/

Is it me? You? The guns? 

Or just the processed goods/

Fifty cents it’s all takes for a Tropical Fantasy/

Just more hospital bills for inner city families if you ask me/

Wise or Lays potato chips saturated in grease/

Another heart attack so may they rest in peace/

Gotta get that snack box Kennedy for some fried chicken/

Save a few dollars cause it’s still finger lickin’/

A 2 piece side of fries my eyes cloudy from cholesterol vision/

Worse than a AK thats sprayed in broad day around the way/

Feeding our children Chef Boy Ar Dey before they play/

Sitting on the shelf for months so called fresh canned foods/

So many chemicals in there to give ya man boobs/

What’s organic about Campbell’s or Ramen noodles/

Microwave your brain cells might as well suit you/

Always in a rush so the culture fast foods you/

But they fast fooled you because there’s sugar in fruit juice too/

These CEO’s knew you’d get addicted though with no refusal/

Every weekly C Town ad has the worst food at 6 for $2/

Frozen pizza more priceless than the Mona Lisa/

Maxing out your credit cards on munchies after smoking some reefa/

Charms blow pops I gotta get that gum in the middle see/

Somebody get me some anbesol for my rotting cracked teeth/

Chick-o-Sticks… Now Chico’s sick/

And his girlfriend is unhappy with his dysfunctional dic…/

McDonald’s and Burger King will never go bankrupt/

But I’m sure you will die once your heart erupts/

From 20 nuggets for a few dollars I’d waste/

Who cares if it add a few inches around my waist/

The taste is mmmm mmmm good…/

Now think about what’s really killing our hoods. 

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