You got all these trust issues

You got all these love issues

You don’t love yourself…

You shed tears on misused tissues

A victim of too many I miss you’s

You have abandonment issues

So you abandon all of these issues 

Can’t face problems what’s with you

Couldn’t see real if it lived within you

The consequences were always official

The pain and hurt are always visual

This keeps the heart inside miserable

You want to be loved for your miscues

And when love walks away it’s an unforced ritual

Your actions have become habitual

The world though has it in for you

You want forgiveness and pity from those you fool

Angered when someone doesn’t follow your rules

Shattered brokenhearted and cruel

Vindictive and getting back had you fueled

You want it all back and you want it brand new

But you can’t fix something in the dark that’s unhandled

Lost soul searching for love and can’t accept a sample

Poster child for all that’s wrong with love…. A bad example. 


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