I once had this dream

Of you standing at a corner it seemed

And a young man appeared to be

As eye opening as this next scene 

Angered with words of frustration

It looked as if he had lost his patience

And the conversation kept it’s tone

Back and forth he wouldn’t leave it alone

You wouldn’t respond or forgive

It looks like a situation he’s been placed in

Tears ran down his face and he was upset

His breath slowed as if he had nothing left

You must think he’s seeking your validation 

But I see him speaking within his trepidation

The hesitation he was facing was familiar

Almost as if I had been through something similar

Things are hard to assume so I got closer

And it seemed he wanted to hold her 

And the things he told her even touched my heart

But she couldn’t accept his love and it tore him apart

And as far as I saw he couldn’t understand

Because he knew he was not like the other man 

He had a plan and he wanted to stick to it

He had seen pain and also the betrayal he’s been through it

But she is foolish stubborn and mechanical

And if she couldn’t understand me how could she understand you 

And that how an illusion of love vanishes too

And I woke up with a panicked view

A need for change and or for clarity 

For I was that man as I stared into the vanity

Nightmares of what love had handed me. 


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