I use to love freely/

Thinking will this love free me/

Feeling like I’m held captive…

Or was I only dreaming/

I’m seeing reality for what it is/

The good and bad wasn’t a myth/

I’m seeing the truth in abundance/

It’s just the way the world functions/

Can someone tell me what love is?/

A feeling I been once drugged with/

The most uncontrolled substance/

To make something out of nothing/

Was it just the greatest illusion/

Or is this just a minor confusion/

Cause it all rewinds with newness/

Old love was never love we were clueless/

Because love doesn’t hurt and you already knew this/

Love only lifts and we already been through this/

Although Love can be a game for the ruthless/

Or Love can be a gain between two of trueness/

Love…Is love…And when you have it you won’t confuse it.


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