You know you are so into you

And this world doesn’t exist

You are so selfish it’s true

I don’t even know why I persist

You don’t even need my fuel 

Yet you drain me of all this 

You swear you’re so cool

Compliments only when you insist

You know how to play the fool

But have a problem with my innocence

You can never ever be so cruel

Yet you leave me with this emptiness 

Its like your always in a constant duel

Till you find I’m at the end of this…

The you you it’s always gotta be you

What about the world I’m so confused

So mentally and physically abused

So ready to walk and unamused

Thinking you won I’m ready to lose

But you… Are you… Pardon the truth

But you don’t make it hard to choose

You make it obvious without the clue 

That it’s you you and always been you

I’m tired of giving and being left in recluse

This wasn’t the you…

That made the we I was hoping to choose

Now I see this is the you…

No way I can get back the time we lose…

Thank…. You. 

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