Can you help feed my self esteem 

Ms. front cover girl of my dreams

And make me feel like I’m on the scene

Unblemished and just serene

Glow shine and quite pristine

Validated and ultimately redeemed

No excuses everybody wants me

Like those perfect bodies on the porno screen

Lets talk…I have no idea what you mean

Beautiful like the shallow reflection of the sea

I’ll just turn away and let it be

As long as they give me their jealousy in screams

Like the faces on these fancy movie screens

I wanna be perfection or as close as it seems

I want the world to know the name of my seams

I am a million dollar flaw disguised as flawless

Diamond shining but cubic zirconia price tagged and moral less

Give me get me need me believe me I’m spoiled rich

I want it now and I so insist

But nobody is here to listen and I’m feeling hopeless

Give me a compliment

Tell me I’m heading for prominence

Because I feed off empty promises

Oblivious to the most obvious

Do it now… 

Before I lose all this new found confidence.

Self Esteem. 

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