My love is pure and unfiltered

The 100% uncut with no fillers

Realer than the reality we live in

Still… No where do I truly fit in

Too trust worthy in a city scarred

True not many understand this heart

It’s hard to be the one forgotten

When your words equaled your promise

To rotten souls who really know no difference

My love is up for a life time sentence

My sentiments expand so negligent

The back seat happiness president

Evident by my hesitance to love again

I’m against losing these heart break settlements

Lonely tenements occupied by the memories

Of constantly losing out of a better me

My pedigree even bedeviled me

At times the voice inside settled me

Only then I knew … 

That my love was the love only the heavens see.

One thought on “::LOVE ONLY THE HEAVENS SEE::

  1. Reblogged this on predestined26 and commented:
    Such pure love is only made pure when your heart has been through turmoil. Only then will it understand how it needs to be handled, and in turn, how it needs to delicately handle other hearts. I really appreciate the emotions behind this poem.


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