Am I more than just an afterthought 

Or could I be the biggest fan of loss

Lost in a trap that I’m so after the cost

That I have truly abandoned the course

Of a mental mind state that I had divorced 

Remorse of course my conscious is forced

To do better in trying to gain this source

Now a days my heart beats like a chore

I need to be more… Ambitious

The world is so brutally vicious

My pain and struggle is delicious

As they feed off my horrid decisions

I visit deep thoughts and inquisitions

No wonder I have no pot to piss in 

No wonder I have nobody who wants to listen

A free man doing a life of hard time in this prison 

We call it freedom behind this blurred vision

It’s amazing some of us haven’t turned up missing

In this magnificent system

I close my eyes to these rhythms 

Drift away and think of a day we could live in 

Where we could take away pain and fit in

Deeper than the words written 

Because any day could be your last given 

But listen…

But listen…

But listen…

To your inner

Was it all that you could give her

Was it all that you could give to a quitter

Some people will always be bitter

Drinking away anger and all that delivers

Us from evil we put in our livers

Cold world enough to make us shiver

Down the road leading to the river

Wash it all away for a bigger picture

Victory to all the victors

Far after they lift us

And after we dismiss the distrust 

Knowing losing was just a mistress. 


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