I think I am the new Tupac

With views from the through block 

From where the news flocks

And neighbors get new locks

Where they tarnished our image

And Pardoned our limits

Garnish our checks with gimmicks

And our gardens are built with 

Refined sugars and malt liquids 

Where out of state family won’t visit

Counting those minutes away 

Even cloudy on sunny days 

Feeling like we’re forced to stay

We say tomorrow will be different

Alarms don’t go off and we miss the rent

Corners are alive and always listening

To visualize the death of the innocent

Bullets are blind and non discriminative

Broken families over the bitterness

Yet were always talking about building shit

But leave our love out in the wilderness 

And attack our communities while were filming this

Morals instilled in us or are we just missing this

Or are we just the missing links 

Missing the objective to think. 


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