How do we expect it/

Being so selective/

Overly protective/

Guess I’m just sensitive/

But this shit is getting repetitive/

All this taste of your own medicine/

How can we ever live?/

With or without this prejudice/

Waiting to set precedence/

We don’t even respect our president/

I’m feeling negligent/

Knowing this selfishness/

Leads to people acting devilish/

The same ones who act heaven sent/

But have been pressed to sin/

Just to impress in their own skin/

Keep taking but say it’s better to give/

The Worlds dodging present risks/


Believe the 1% will be forever rich/

Just because their on quarterly lists/

Society has been lost in the mist/

Our values have been lost in the mix/

Losing self in selfies and other pics/

Posing with drugs and acting like alcoholics/

I can’t call it/

I wanna eat healthy but can’t afford it/

I saw half of mid Americas houses boarded/

Our views are distorted/

Health plans are morbid/

While our Government has built a fortune/

From the unfortunate with caution/

Fair and equal rights for a small portion/

Anti abortion/

Anti force it/

What’s important/

Finding homes for the poor to live/

Or sending monkeys into orbit/

Now just think about this and absorb it/

Sex sells and so we praise the gorgeous/

But can you point me to where the book store is/

Social media has implored this/

Lack of truth and misleading sources/

People hating each other over religious choices/

Who are our religious voices/

We know Lebron but don’t know who Sigmund Freud is/

But the real missing void is/



10 thoughts on “::US::

  1. This poem was excellent! Out of all of the problems and issues in the world,

    “but the real missing void is/ US.” – Sammy Silva

    I have quite a situation on my hands. I was reading where you said that you collaborate with people and take ideas that people shoot out. Okay, mine is pretty crazy, even for myself. Here is my email: Artistica2008@yahoo.com. Will you inbox me so that I can explain? I did not want to type it all here without it being in poetic formation.
    Raven Nicole`

    Liked by 1 person

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