I never said I’d be the greatest/
But when you made me your latest/
I thought it was all us and thats where my fate lived/
But you fucked me up with your fakeness/
I was just a replacement after replacements/
Your brokenness was the downfall filled with your anger and hatred/
I hate this/
Let’s make it quick/
The done and over talk and the break up basics/
I hope I never have to see your face it’s/
Let’s face it… The facts are there and there is no way to erase it/
Just situations we’ve been placed in/
The bitterness can you taste it?/
What ever happened to us…
Can you ever explain this?/
The lies, betrayal and all this lame shit/
Oh you said you were different but all I got was the same shit/
The ugly truth is you’ll just fit in with the rest of the pretty faces/
Baby.. Baby… Baby… Don’t leave me now… But it’s been ages/
And we ain’t never been the same like we caught cases/
It’s the trials and tribulations/
And I’m just so exasperated/
And our love is past it’s due date it’s/
My new self esteem has you acting flagrant/
Cause I done had enough and lost all my patience/
Don’t babe it’s… Let’s talk and make it… Slow pace it/
Nah, I’m good, bags packed and Uhaul is waitin’/
Really got a brother thinking all you woman is fakin/
Call it the awakening/
New me… And this is the latest print.

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