Maybe I was living in the moment/
Baby… maybe I was just too focused/
Maybe it’s the heartbreak that wrote this/
Never felt this lowness from loneliness maybe I’m over this/
But maybe what I’m quoting would risk/
Me proving that I moved on and you would never know this or notice/
Illusions and confusion… It’s amusing what you could miss/
But my love was real… How could you dispute this/
How could you step on my heart so ruthless/
Take my words and mix them up… How did I confuse us/
For something real…
You left me ill…
I loved you still…
But you were so willing to lose us/
Take it back to the beginning and I wouldn’t choose us/
Just so these tears can be held back for someone real and that’s true enough/
I can’t say we been through enough/
You walked away without scars…
I’m sick of the part where I’m broken apart putting pieces back from my stolen heart thinking it wasn’t hard to pull down my guard but you had me fooled from the start/
If I was smart I’d walk away Scott clean/
Clear conscious just robbed of it’s dreams/
And they say love isn’t always what it seems…
And they say love isn’t always what we believe.


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