I never said I was perfect
But my worth more than worthless
Whether above or beneath this surface
Living life till I reach my purpose

Quite nervous, tense and anxious
Because I’m in a champions panic
Learning to win behind every moment of anguish
Class in session till my breath vanish

And it just so happens I’m built for the finish
Line ribbon cutting pivotal lines in my design
Nothing diminished I’m just trying to live it
And love it as long as the reciprocation is given

I could never mimic those oddities
I was born to succeed in my prophesies
Hypocrites shunned for mocking me
It’s the envy deep in them probably

But I gotta believe and see over their ultimatums
I know they hope I hate em
But my venom held deep for another verbatim
Besides my eyes seek the words to save em

But if I could place em back on the rack
Let facts be facts to the worst that I attract
My dignity and pride will ride fully intact
Even after I’m gone my life will resurrect and retract


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