I was wandering and wandering/
Life yet fulfilled yet I’m sponsoring/
Walking hard through what the drama bring/
My rebirth and I’m gonna let my promise sing/
Let the bells ring it could be a celebration/
Those that thought I was done did with hesitation/
Placed in my shoes and couldn’t see my situation/
And what I was facing/
But I’m a new creation physically and spiritually/
Unknown to the miracles that have been lifting me/
Realize though it’s the gift in me/
The light I shine is bright so infinite watts live in me/
They were giving me strength in their hating ways/
And I keep two feet grounded debating days/
Took their clouds and turned them into sun rays/
Now I look back on them unfazed/
I’m never one to say that forgiveness has no place/
Walked away and never lost face/
Kept it moving with humility and never lost pace/
Praying hard for those that are a lost case/
And I stay looking up so you know it’s all praise.


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