I didn’t love you just to say I loved you/
See It’s that past tense type of thinking that’ll haunt you/
Comparable to constant problems that are upon you/
Promises I didn’t comprehend till the dotted end/
It’s gotta end…
I lost a lot of pride and a lot of friends/
Whether it was plotted or you thought it obvious/
I could never see where your logic is/
Or logic was/
And no I’m not bitter anymore but I probably was/
The problem was/
We evolved from love/
But our love had dissolved from us each passing month/
And so I’m passing months walking amongst/
These feelings of distrust and disgust/
Though I’m asked to constantly discuss/
It’s like every passing day I couldn’t give a fuck/
I guess that’s my luck to give it my all and get stuck with the bill/
This heartbreak wasn’t me seeking my thrill/
Still being real isn’t enough for the flesh to feel/
Couldn’t drown out your sorrows with a pill/
Those demons that made you ill/
Took me and my dreams and threw them out the window sill/
Hoping things would change and we could build/
Turned to me running away from something I could no longer deal/
Didn’t jump till I was on my heels…
Just so you know I will never heal/
And on that note… Love life sealed.


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