I knew I couldn’t save the world/
I just knew I couldn’t save this girl/
And you were a pearl somewhere in a shell trapped/
A life of pain…
I guess that’s all we could attract/
And that’s a fact and I guess were so much alike/
But different in many ways I guess I just saw the light/
I couldn’t write about it cause I’ll never understand it/
Apologize for what he did that led to that bad habit/
You came 15 years too late for me to grasp it/
And my empathy and understanding were no source of magic/
In fact it… Left me with much of your damage/
No panic… I been here before and reached up to be alive/
To be in life with your condition…
A damaged vision/
But you can’t self medicate a traumatic living/
I hate them all for putting you in this position/
I can’t imagine your inner demons telling you to listen/
And I know now it really wasn’t truly your decision/
I’m thinking you think I was always ready to fold/
But you should know your mistakes will rest in my soul/
Life takes a toll on each of us so we must forgive/
For most of us life was stole before we could really live/
Delirium and psychosis/
Depression and losing all your focus/
No hope for loving the hopeless/
Lost souls seeking revenge from the soulless/
Trying to find redemption in the high of the dope biz/
Maybe your reincarnation will leave you so bliss/
And I know in that next lifetime we can be just know this/
May the Angels of The Lord protect us and show this/
I was wrong but I know I couldn’t belong and that’s why I wrote this/
Just another tattoo on shoulders.

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