I use to love the idea of being in love and loving it/
But the truth is…
In love some people be on some other shit/
And so it had me wondering/
Where the trust is in any of this/
And so I reminisce/
Rest In Peace to my heart and in remembrance/
Of approaching love with openness…
It leaves me in such hesitance/
New love It’s not your fault…
Just mine for this negligence/
Could have wasted years on some better shit/
But I guess that’s where the lesson is/
No matter what happens…
No good could take the pain and lessen it/
I know in time the mind could forget it quick/
But it marinates on mine and still I let it sit/
You cemented yourself in my heart and your burden dented it/
I learned a lot… I guess we were always meant for it/
If I could get time back I would send for it/
And if I had to talk about our love I would never mention it/
That’s how much you hurt me from your love and so called friendship/
It’ll be the last time I give my love away…
And this isn’t what I had dreamed of or expected.


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