My pain runs deep
My screams are a silent weep
All in the midst of shattered dreams.


12 thoughts on “::SHATTERED DREAMS::

      • Stay strong, Sammy. Of course it’d hurt more when the one you love hurt you. Because we expected they (people we love) would be the last person to cause us pain.

        In my case, sometimes I put a little too high expectation toward my partner. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it. The thing is… well, it’s wrong.. 🙂 I just trust too much, while I shouldn’t. Maybe. I trust “love motivates” so much, while my partner didn’t.

        But what ever happen, we have to stay strong, okay? 🙂

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      • Thank you Nina. I really appreciate your words. They are exactly how i feel and go about things in general with anyone i care about and or love. I think what has to happen is i need to self love a little bit more and understand not everybody will love the way you love. I have to accept that myself and not be so trusting. Love is just a word until it is displayed with the proper actions. We will stay strong Nina because its all we have. Thank you!!! I appreciate your words and the time you took out to write it to me. God bless you.

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      • It’s my pleasure, Sammy.
        It really is rare to find somebody who speaks the same “language of love”. In my whole life, I only meet men who lack faith in love, while I was really born to be a helplessly romantic (for Indonesian standard). I was born to love and forgive. No matter how wounded I am, I can never hate. And nobody appreciates that. People takes us for granted anyway. Even my last boyfriend dumped me by saying that I wasted my time thinking about love too much. He told me I should get a real life and start to focus on my career, for my kids’ sake. Well, I’m not a jobless woman. I have a good career and it pays well, and still it doesn’t look good for my partner. I understand that he wants me to reach a brighter star because I have the skill, but how come he thinks that I should do that without love?

        What hurt me the most is when he said, “Don’t burden me with your love.” Oh dear… and still, I can’t hate him.

        Wow.. sorry that I spilled it out on your wall. I just wanted to say that, we all get hurt by love. But, as you said, stay strong–because it is all we have.

        Thank you for your time reading my replies, Sammy. I know I am a stranger for you, but I feel so close to you already. I hope we will meet for real, one day. 🙂

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      • Nina, i can not sit here and say that i am perfect. I can say that i am human and i have made many mistakes regarding love. I too, like yourself believe in love saving the day. I am extremely empathetic, understanding and forgiving with the people in my life that I love and care for. People that I loved very much have hurt me the most. It is a change that i have now made to protect myself is to believe in actions more so than words. Love is a word, show me love in action. I dont hate anyone who has hurt me purposly. I pray for them now. I used to hold resentment at times, but i have overcome that with personal reflection. I am always here for you to talk to my good friend. Oceans and countries away… But still one in the same. We are only human, and we were all born with the opportunity to love, understand love, share love, learn love to be loved. Not everyone will get the opportunity to view and be taught love the same way. Love is growing within yourself. To understand that your self love is what will be the final determination of what you accept in return. When you find a love that accepts your love as it is and as you are, your love will be shine. Dont be afraid to love again, just remember you must love yourself 1st and set boundaries as to how you expect to be treated, because you will treat the ones you love with that same respect and thoughtfulness. Love is a lesson learned and it can leave the soul damaged if it is betrayed enough… But for people like me and you… To give up on love would be to give up on life. We will stay strong, and work on outselves at all times. Because love lives within us. Thank you for the enlighting conversation and allowing me into your heart and deepest concerns. I am a stranger as well… But i am no stranger to heartbreak and for these reasons we can relate. If we meet, its a blessing… If we dont… Sharing our words together will still meet our needs in this world we live in. We all need people to listen to our hearts. I’m here. God put me here to do just this. I need your words just as much as you need mine. Thank you for being a beautiful soul, you give me hope that people like you still exist. I am grateful for your friendly conversations. Thank you Nina. 🙂

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      • Sammy, you won’t believe this, but reading your words above….. I burst in tears. I feel like finally found a person who speaks “the same language” I do. Your thoughts exactly like mine. And the way you overcome those pain and hurt, I did that too. We both struggled the same situation, although I’m sure it was like “same script different lines” type of situation. Despite of other people’s compliments about us, we also experience rejection and disrespect from people we loved and claimed loved us. Sometimes I really don’t understand why such thing happen. Why bad things happen to gentle-hearted people like us. What are the reasons they (people we loved) turned against us and saw us as if their rival or enemy to break down. Why? Why us? Why them? And at the same time, more and more other people craved for our attention and love. Then why do these people we chose to love ended up hurting us, on purpose, like they test us.

        We are no titanium. As much as we’re convincing ourselves that our hearts are as strong as an adamantium, still we are flesh and blood. And when hurt, our hearts bleed, inside. I spent many nights swallow my tears, cast away my pride and tried to understand them all, still I couldn’t find the answer why.

        In the end, only one sentence came into my mind… and my religion taught me this line too, it is written in the holy Quran: “God does not impose upon any soul a duty but to the extent of its ability..”

        So, it means God trusted us– we can go that far and wide. We are that grand. But, as an imperfect human, a silent rage sometimes haunting me. As you may read in my posting “the wrath”. A Muslim like me should not question God’s wisdom and yet I still “angry”…which is stupid, I know.

        Oh dear.. I think I really do fall for you, Sammy. 🙂 I hope our existence is useful for each other, especially to strengthen and motivate one another. And, thank you for finding me. You made me hope again. You restored my faith in love, and I’m grateful that a gentleman like you still exist in this world. 🙂

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      • Thank you Nina. I try my best to love the best way I can. Im not perfect, nobody is. But some people dont understand love and hurt in the name of love to test your will and your understanding of love. I refuse to hurt anybody I love, its not payback for a brokenheart. They actually gave me strength and knowledge as to what i can no longer accept. I will love them and pray for them that they find their way. I have to accept my responcibilty that i gave my love away with no definitive standard hoping to find a love like mine. It has not happened. I am ok with that, because God has the ultimate plan for me and I leave it all in his hands. Thank you Nina. I appreciate the compliments and the mostly the understanding you have for my situation. Thank you.

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