Blessed with the air I breath
And the strength that I believe
After the storm passes
I too shall be as calm as the trees.


7 thoughts on “::CALM::

    • Thank you Nina 🙂 I am extremely flattered!!! I’m glad you enjoyed this one… The words really mean a lot to me and what I am going through. Finding strength when it seems nothing is going well is difficult, but it builds character. I need calm right now to grow. 🙂

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      • To be honest, every single word you wrote in this blog, I can sense your honesty. They’re not just writing, you put your soul and heart in them, and I feel you. I don’t do compliment easy, but I really need to admit your writings moved me. Inspired me..

        I’ve been writing and reading between the lines almost my whole life.. only few moved me. And you are one of them. 🙂

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      • Thank you for reading between the lines where my heart and soul reside. It’s not easy but it is somewhat to express myself in words, sometimes words that I hold deep and can only express in my writings. This blog is what it is to me… My hearts stories. These poems are my life… Past future and present… And I am honored and humbled that you enjoy them and that they move your spirit. It’s therapy for me but it’s also my dream to inspire and bring hope and bring out the feelings other may hold in, a way to communicate with the soul of others. Your words will only inspire me to keep writing, to keep expressing and to continue to believe in my dreams that my words can make a difference. Thank you Nina so much and stay blessed.

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      • You already are an inspiration, Sammy. God bless you. And I love your thoughts. It would be really easy to love you too. 😉 And now it’s difficult to find the logic of why I could really love you because of that beautiful thoughs.. 😀 *pardon my emotional English*

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      • Your words in any language are a blessing Nina. I am humbled. Love is universal! Thank you so so so much, im glad that the idea of kindness and love exist in us… Not many people like us anymore. Continue to be a blessing Nina, your soul is much appreciated during these hard times for me.

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      • I may live half globe away from you, my friend, but believe you will never walk alone facing this hardship. Just know that my heart and prays go to you.. I pray to God to keep giving you strength and preserve your kindness. I’ve walked onto the same hellish hours as you were. We even maybe still breathing fire, surviving it. Just know, you are never alone. God is with you. And now I am to, with you, in heart and soul.

        I really don’t know why I feel like this.. wow.. I wish I were near, so we could have coffees together and talk without words.. 🙂


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