Dear Lord,

I needed to take this moment to write

I know its been awhile since we shed light

I apologize in being lost in my pain and fright

You see these troubles in my days keep me up at night

It’s like I’m tossing and turning yearning for answers

Feeling alone in this now my empty home

it was once filled with joyful laughter and glee

I wonder where I went wrong and how the good escaped from me

Lost my ways somewhere but i’m praying that you will see

All the love that I inherited and just let me be

Keep me free from these thoughts of loneliness

Shelter my heart and lead me back to your holiness

Been far too long I’ve felt motionless and hopeless

I need your guidance to find those moments of bliss

So please pray over me and especially my kids

I know I’ll recover from this and be able to live

Out my destiny… your powers rest in me… to be the best of me

Thank you Lord and whatever you do i’m sure I will be blessed to see

Another day of sunshine running through my mind so heavenly

Bless me with your prayers of endless serenity and empathy

And may I walk in your shadow following your wordsย till the end of me.


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