I remember that 1st time with me and you

I was a little nervous… let me just speak the truth

It was like fucking your crush from grade school

At the start It was more lust but with love I quickly turned faithful

Truth be told now… I just couldn’t wait to taste you

2nd date… heading home… I couldn’t wait to take you

Unwrap your body from your clothes and invade you

God bless the man and woman that created you

I wanted the lights on just to take on a better view

But the lights were off and still none compared to you

Your bra’s off, panties off, my pants is lost, I laugh, you cough

I was gone in the moment but I couldn’t keep my hands off

1 time… 2 times… 3 times… type of sex that you rewind

Exhausted, we shower up and give up as we both forfeit

To our desires, like a great poker hand we’re both all in

I can feel as your body heat was calling

You pulled down my boxers and started stroking

Next thing I know your going down and I lost all focus

Waited 34 years for a feeling like this but you don’t know this

All I know is… I hope I don’t blow this

I gain composure, pull you up on top a little closer

Lay back and watch you ride like I never want this to be over

You lean in and whisper, it feels so good and kiss my shoulder

I was just thinking how we just fucked… man and that was sober

As perfect as perfect was going to be because I didn’t have to mold her

But those memories are in a folder… greatest sex, I wish I would have told her.


7 thoughts on “::GREATEST SEX::

    • I really appreciate the compliment. I will definitely follow you, I support all that support me, so I will be looking forward to seeing your posts on the reader. I’m glad you enjoyed this piece. Thank you again.


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