It’s hasn’t been long so the thoughts are still alive

But I rather be alone

I found inner peace of mind getting away from your lies

So I rather be alone

I swore I’d never love another for the rest of my life

Guess I rather be alone

I wonder if you ever cared when you heard my cries

Why I rather be alone

I stood by your side and all you ever did was deny

Like I rather be alone

Broken promises that left me hurt and it’s no surprise

Think I rather be alone

This is no dedication to you or reason to even chastise

Sometimes I rather be alone

So I don’t have to question the who, what and the why’s

Look I rather be alone

You did’t let me grow as a person and I got wise

Believe I rather be alone

Didn’t appreciate what you had so this hurt you applied

Reason I rather be alone

You showed your true colors underneath that pretty disguise

Leave I rather be alone

No last kisses or hugs that last forever nor a good bye

No I rather be alone

Just getting over this pain and I’m starting to rise

Although I rather be alone

Hard to compromise love with all that I have seen in my eyes

See I rather be alone

Can’t trust anyone anymore with my heart and I realized

Forever I rather be alone

Leaving this heart with an empty home.


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