You see I’ve felt pain and all type of strains

Wondering if this world would ever change

Had to read the instructions to life’s games

Because it seems the function of people’s ways

Has had me bottled with fear with no clear way to gauge

So I had to break out the concept of being afraid

Took to the pen and paper for prospective ways to display

And explain the exchange of difficulties within my days

With therapeutic music infused with words too illusive for the brain

I maintain focus on the goals as I wrote this with precise target and aim

Bulls eye from a fools eye when I gave it a full try to succeed and remain

Keeping cautious of all my losses so I don’t steer out of the lane

Excepting that facts are facts and that it’ll always be the same

Unless I took my destiny over and reversed what they claimed.


One thought on “::REVERSE::

  1. Strange daze, everyday im amazed
    Everyday I feel crazed, so I write on a page
    Its a little like a symphony the way the words get into me
    I try to hard at fame to make a name, who’s into me
    Like Im living in a prison without shackles in a kitchen with no knives, no tools, cut up inside an image
    I just move with the wind, no telling how Ill feel
    No telling if Ill be able to deal with the real when I keel
    Am I happy, kinda, when the world seems brighter
    Im broke as a joke, eating ramon, on a type writer.

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