::A LOVE GONE WRONG:: (Short Story)


The gentleman stood over the scene analyzing his most prized possessions packed up neatly. He was a young man by societies credit, good looking,fair skinned and clearly in his early 30’s,with a stable job and two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, from a previous marriage. His thoughts froze him as he engaged himself in memories of good and bad times throughout his life and the lessons he learned. Breaking out of his frozen state he made his way to turn up the volume on the radio when he stumbled and knocked over one the boxes labeled fragile. He caught himself before he could give an angry sigh and glanced at the word on the box and laughed it off sarcastically. Thinking of where he was and where he was going it could only be that symbolic. You see, for James, nothing in life has ever been easy and it seemed everything he touched was either broken already or broken after he had left it behind. This day, and this moment, differed from none of situations that James had found himself in over the years. A betrayal of his fragile but working heart he would claim was the absolute worst sin you could oppose on him. Moving boxes from one side of the room he stopped to gain composure from his emotions raging in him, a feeling he knew all too well. James was an addict, addicted to love, being loved and anything that had to do with love except loving himself. He was dedicated to being a people pleaser, a trait gained undoubtedly from his mother who had passed away a few years back. James found himself hurting more so now than he had ever felt before and the packing and moving of the boxes didn’t help the cause. He stopped again to think if this was the best decision while in the middle of thinking if he had packed everything that belonged to him. He reminded himself that had he forgot or left something behind he would have to retrieve it at some point. That idea to him was to be avoided at all costs, and if something was left behind other than his heart it would be lost forever. Lifting boxes he heard the front door being opened. In stepped his now ex-fiance Liz, short for Elizabeth, with multiple bags in her hands coming home from a long and as a usual frustrating day of work to the apartment they will now once have shared. Elizabeth was a few years younger, a short statured beautifully picturesque and voluptuous brunette, an artist, she was extremely intelligent, very well spoken and yet emotionally cold for a woman. Liz had a child herself, a daughter from a previous relationship that she would easily say she considered a mistake. The relationship between her and her daughter was at best conflicting and to her at times annoying. Her idea of love was for her partner, family and friends to go to the extreme for her needs. One would consider her selfish, callous and narcissistic, maybe even a sociopath, but Liz considered all these things as a just of means to get by. She had been through many traumas in her life and she wasn’t going to back down from anyone not fulfilling her requests for what she desired in life. Her defense was up the moment she walked through the door and spotted James suddenly glancing at her silently. She felt no love for him or remorse though over the past few weeks she would occasionally express her thoughts of love and discontent for breaking up. She was more than ok with the separation than James was by far which left him to be confused. The bags dropped out of her hands as she looked at James as if to wonder where the help would come from when he was gone and then she realized he was already gone and that brought about comfort. James still looking at her thought about the many lies she had instilled in his brain and why he had forgiven her countless times. The games of manipulation she played were deep and by now extended and accelerated by the lost of trust he had for her. It wasn’t long ago when James announced to the people in his life that he would make Liz his wife after a short time together. The first months spent together were blissful, heavenly and even pleasurably intoxicating. James was lead to believe that Liz was his soulmate, or whatever that meant to have finally found his ideal partner for life. Liz presented herself as a mirror image for James in just about everything you could think of. They enjoyed the simplicities of life such as cooking for each other, reading books and spending days out enjoying mother nature. The world never looked better to James as long as he had Liz by his side helping him raise his two children along with her daughter. Everyone was finally happy that James found the woman of his dreams, and for all that met Liz nobody had a doubt that she was his meant to be. But those thoughts and beliefs disappeared after one absurd and strange accusation that made James lose the people that mattered the most in his life. The silence in the room at the moment became more awkward as the seconds on the clock ticked. The memories all shifted inside of James mind from what was a description of being out of heaven to being trapped in a living hell. James couldn’t believe a woman that he loved so much could turn on him so coldly even though he knew Liz had her personal demons. He could never see her projecting her past hurts on what was their happiness. He was wrong. You see, Liz, was and indeed never in love with James, but in love with the idea of what James could provide for her. The constant stability, unreasonable forgiveness and power in control over James that she so desperately craved and needed to survive. James emotionally torn between always doing right and wrong held a deep and moral understanding of what it was to have a clear conscious. Liz didn’t. James knew after the sudden and extreme changes in Liz’s character he had to make an escape from their relationship even though it would hurt him and break his heart. He had run out of choices and options in making things better for them and even finally for himself. Liz got what she wanted, maybe exacting revenge for all the past hurt and trauma in her life by causing the same for James, as he had lost all connections to the world he loved by loving her so much. The point is, things would never get better between them and Liz was focused on making them worse regardless. As Liz made her way past James towards the kitchen, James reached out with his hand gesturing to maybe make one last attempt of contact to find closure or answers. Liz, ignoring the request, bypassed the kitchen and headed straight into the bedroom, closed the door and never opened it again leaving James to continue to move boxes and move on in life… broken hearted again and without clarity.


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