Dear Memories/

Its time to turn a new page… I really hope you don’t blame me/

This isn’t about the good times or bad times… let me explain see/

I need this total closure now and flight to escape from we/

I did a total self inventory and dug deep to become a better me/

If you accept it… I will have known that we were always meant to be/

And I don’t mean to change the past…i’m just getting past it mentally/

Maybe we’ll build new moments within time to create a new history/

I promise you I’ll look back at us some times if I feel a deja vu hit me/

It’s not like you’ll disappear and reappear like some sort of mystery/

I just feel I can’t forget all the pain mixed with happiness laughs and misery/

I hope we can move forward and never ever let those thoughts visit me/

I can’t see the see-sawing through life’s up and downs trying to live in me/

So I prayed to God hoping that he gave me the words for this delivery/

To keep me safe in the world filled with hate and anger it breeds so sinisterly/

I might sound bitter but i’m really free… from the mistakes i’ve held so deep/

And tomorrow is a new day with new ways to make memories before I sleep/

So when I awake I will be in a new place to create new memories that I have to reach/

And before I leave I want you to know…I’m only going separate ways for growth/

I left a spare key on the table, food in the fridge and I taped all your favorite shows/

Good Bye.


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