There are so many times I sit back and think down this memory lane/

So many places I could be from but my reality could only ever explain/

Where I come from and where I will always be is my born and raised/

Where Bodegas and Liquor stores get as much love as the Church we praise/

Cold winter days were always hard to escape/

Especially from that East River breeze hitting your face/

Kids laughing playing games as parents called from fire escapes/

These Avenues if you didn’t know will forever be alphabetically engaged/

From Avenue D to the C moving up to the B… it obviously started at Avenue A/

The summer times were hot and everyone knew where to spend their days/

We looked at project buildings as structures of monumental grace/

Where even crime could not disparage the hard working people in place/

Flashback of Saturdays with softball games don’t seem so far away/

Girls in the neighborhood were beautiful and varied in all types of race/

We all had nicknames even the neighborhood we described in slick ways/

From calling it Alphabet City to the 6th Borough it was our love that just traced/

It on school notebooks or tenement walls and our testament to all that pride/

No matter where you would go you said it was all in you for all Three Sixty Five/

It’s a feelings not many can feel and I felt compelled and alive to describe/

It’s a feeling you would understand and if you don’t its ok it’ll be alright/

But there is nothing more beautiful in life to say than in my eyes/

But to proudly say that I am from the LOWER EAST SIDE.

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