Dear Anthony and Peyton-

Ever since I first heard your heart beat/

The feelings of that love have been hard to repeat/

Now you two repeat after me… in this life we seek/

For love, honesty, wisdom, care and always empathy/

I wouldn’t be any good to you both if I couldn’t lead/

Or feed your minds with the right ways to see and speak/

To read between the lines and find all the words you keep/

It’s a cold world out here so please watch your steps in these streets/

And I hope to protect as long as I can before this Earth I leave/

Not physically there but I’m one half spirt in the air you breath/

One half your appearance of the mind, body and soul that was conceived/

One half of the stem up above the rest of them in the images of your family tree/

Questions I will always answer, but do what you may because your will is free/

You see mistakes are made, dues are paid, don’t be afraid and always believe/

For the greatest outcome even when life gets you down like fallen leaves/

Tears are shed, relationships end and along the way you’ll lose some friends/

But continue on your journey because life goes on till the very end/

My son your growing up far from me but I see your intelligence/

and baby girl your still too young but I know your little heart is strong against/

The cruel realties and as we maintain strong activity there’s no need to stress/

You two made me proud even before you took your first steps/

And I will always be here applauding your effort knowing you’re doing your best/

You see I didn’t have anyone in my corner and that’s what makes the difference/

So let’s laugh together, love and cry together…

And try together to live as long as if life’s forever like the words that I write in this letter.

I LOVE YOU both dearly… and my life is dedicated to you. -Love Dad


6 thoughts on “::LETTER TO MY CHILDREN::

      • Well.. no body is perfect by the galaxy’s standard.. *LOL* But we are all perfect for some people. 🙂

        In my lifetime, I seldom meet a man who can really get in touch and be honest with their inner soul, and then express it with lovely words. You, Sir, are one of the rare type I talked about above. 😉

        And a good father, most definitely.

        Like I said earlier; Perfect. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • My words are only a glimpse, a reflection of the beauty of your own mind, my friend–I hope you allow me to be one of your friends. You should know that I don’t do compliments. My words are always spontaneous, unplanned. I often considered to be “too honest” that it makes some people uncomfortable. *LOL*

        I like you, my friend. I like your words. I like your mind. And I definitely like your sweet manner. I’m a complete stranger and yet you replied me with such gentleness.. Thank you for that.

        God bless you and your loved ones, Sammy. 🙂


      • Thank you Nina, i hope we can follow each other closely through our writings, appreciating each others thoughts. It is a blessing to meet new souls that see the good in you. Enjoy your day today and the rest that follow. I am humbled and that brings me great joy to my heart. I truly live to inspire people with my words. I do the best I can everyday.

        Liked by 1 person

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