Sitting in a diner… coffee done…so I waved for the bill/

I tip generously… although lost in ones… thoughts to build/

As I got up from the table I bumped into another and their drink spilled/

I offered… and bought her… another light and sweet…she say it’s no big deal/

My apology accepted… I make steps to the exit… Leaving behind that moment/

The weather outside has turned to the worst with snow and my bones are frozen/

I scattered in search of heat… wind behind my feet… as I flea for locations chosen/

Not mindful of my surroundings… walking within other hearts pounding…

I hear the complaints of life flowing on my way to where I am going/

Bus stops are crowded… traffic was re-routed… Lateness in the air undoubted/

I waited equally patient before I mounted a crosstown M14 Bus as it allowed it’s/

Passengers to get off and on almost as synchronized as expensive Swiss watches/

So now I’m sitting behind two ladies who are exchanging the latest gossip/

Across from me a few friends…maybe siblings…crying out loud for the other to stop it/

In the mix of all of this I missed my stop it’s going to be a few blocks I’m positive/

I spotted the obvious landmark…as the land darks…sunsetting as snowflakes drop/

The cities skyline used as a massive backdrop although contrasted stark/

I reach my destination finally thinking back to all that I just took part/

Another day in New York City…Known as the place where I rest my heart.


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