I heard from my window as the crowded streets were bustling/

Kids laughing, couples arguing and as always some drug hustling/

Cop sirens, Ambulances and so you hope what you mustn’t think/

Poverty screamed with cries and jeers from civilians with guns equip/

Had to see what my mind couldn’t hear from the kitchens running sink/

So I ran a little closer… for closure… not for exposure.. and I didn’t blink/

What I saw was heart breaking, nerve rattling and close to the same exact thing/

Of these daily occurrences in the world and all the unfortunate drama that it brings/

Personally I heard Church bells/

As words fell…/

On the concrete where the gun shells dwell…/

Old ladies on the corner swearing young men to Hell/

Cops asking around for witnesses who were willing to tell/

But it seemed the beer and cigarettes had them overly compelled/

And so the unmarked vehicles speed off into the night as if expelled/

I pulled back the curtain and walked away with no answers even for myself.


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