I walk New York City and as I do I’m told/
To watch out for the broken, hurt and lost souls/
The miserable and the undoubtedly cold/
I knew to spot out when I spoke to a lost soul/
The ones that are quiet and quite anti social/
Never in the mix…growing stubborn, angry and old/
No smiles it’s been awhile since they been in the fold/
In and out of messes till they find themselves alone/
I can’t help but spot them on the streets like clones/
Hustlers and cheaters standing out by the parking meter zone/
Nickel and dimming and lying and trying for the next loan/
Watching your every step trying to invade your home/
Manipulative hypocrites always trying to mold/
Overstepping boundaries and outing ones with their tone/
Reasons why family and friends turn their back on these lost souls/
I grab a hold and keep focus so I don’t go out of control/
From what I have heard and more so of what I know of the lost souls.


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