They say that pain is inevitable/
Laughter and love is incredible/
Failure at times can be acceptable/
Hurt and loss are always regrettable/
Especially when they don’t remember you/
Lies can always end a few/
Relationships…so please send a clue/
Of sincerity and honesty…
It’s as honest as I can get with you/
Don’t up and leave…let me mention too/
That deep conversations can give a better view/
While secrets can cause grief and make you lose a friend or two/
Having children means there won’t be an end to you/
Which leads to legacies being built on what’s sent to you/
And everything happens for a reason…it’s all meant for you/
So send compliments to those getting rude/
Remember, Karma comes full circle when you least expect it to/
And always say what you feel because people expect the truth/
Many cycles in this life to maneuver and get through/
And situations happen when they happen to test you/
But the answers to life’s questions are always imbedded in you.


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